Baby Got Back

I hear my son is a spitting image of his father constantly and that may be true and all, but I will tell you one thing he did inherit from me (besides his current double chin) is his bootay. I can’t help but  giggle whenever I catch a glimpse of it. On a hunt for lighter weight/short sleeved PJs for my little man, I purchased these from my local Wally World and OMG the baby butt in these is just too cute for words. See for yourself:

These are super duper adorable on, perfect for spring and summer and best of all… CHEAP! So, when he outgrows these in a nanosecond I won’t be crying any tears in my beer.

  1. Green and Orange Organic Cotton PJs
  2. Pink and Purple Organic Cotton PJs Girls
  3. Red and Gray Organic Cotton PJs Boys
  4. Pink and Blue Organic Cotton PJs Girls
  5. Blue and Green Organic Cotton PJs Boys

Just Keep Swimming…

This week is spring break here in Texas and that means swim suits. Even though I am not going anywhere near a beach or a pool this year, I still am drooling over all these new retro style suits…

  1. Modcloth, Women’s Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece
  2. Modcloth, Bathing Beauty One Piece
  3. Modcloth, By The Boardwalk One Piece
  4. Walmart, Suddenly Slim by Catalina-Shirred Halter Swimsuit
  5. Target, Merona Women’s Bandeau Shirred One Piece
  6. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Push Up Halter
  7. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Bandeau Top
  8. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Push Up Triangle Top

$50 Fridays: Ablazin’

In all my interwebs scouring, I have run across this striped blazer several times and each time I think I NEED it. Too bad it’s not in stores or I would already OWN it. I’m thinking it’s time I bite the bullet and ORDER it.

  1. Walmart, French Terry Nautical Stripped Cropped Blazer
  2. Forever 21, Fab Ribbed Knit Tank
  3. Forever 21,  Textured Hoop Earring
  4. Walmart,  Women’s Cuffed Capri
  5. Walmart, Women’s Ada Glitter Flats

Lucky Number 7

I am a SUCKER and a half for stuff that is multi purpose. Take this dress for example: It’s $20. It’s ultra flattering with all that mid section wrappage. It comes in 4 equally perfect colors. AND… it can be wrapped and worn in 7 different ways. Now, THAT is a super bargain.

  1. Purple
  2. Red
  3. Gray
  4. Black

$50 Fridays: Rhinestone Cowgirl

As AK previously stated, its all Rodeo all the time here in Houston this time of year and we city cowgirls need cute outfits to roll up to the rodeo in. I’ll be ropin a few beers rather than cows, so this dress will do just fine.

  1. 15 Dollar Store, Slouched Cowboy Boots
  2. Walmart, Denim Dress
  3. Forever21, Earrings
  4. Forever21, Bracelets

$50 Fridays: Be My Valentine

Need a new little sexy and sophisticated number to sport on your Valentines Day date night? I’ve got just that and more. It’s a LBD that’s going to be adorable when adorned with some sweet Valentine accents.

  1. LOVE Necklace, Charlotte Russe
  2. Dress, Walmart
  3. Metallic Clutch Wallet, Forever21
  4. Teardop Heels,

Tote This Around for Ten Bucks

When the warmer weather rolls around, I plan on a lot of outdoor outings with my kiddo: parks, zoo, the beach, you name it! I’ve never been more excited for the heat to return in my life. One thing all those outings have in common is dirt. Dirt on my cute diaper bag is something I’m  not excited about. So, these completely adorable and CHEAP tote bags are exactly what I think I may need. I mean, how can you fret over a $10 tote!  Aren’t these darling??

  1. Sailboat Tote, Walmart
  2. Seahorse Tote, Walmart
  3. Anchor Tote, Walmart
  4. Crab Tote, Walmart
  5. Patent Icon Tote, Walmart

$50 Fridays: Drop and Give Me 50 (dollars so I can buy this)

I am a major fan of the military trend and this little number would be an excellent (and inexpensive) way to adopt that trend into your spring wardrobe!

  1. Walmart, Cropped Military Jacket
  2. Forever21, Basic Cami
  3. Forever 21, Earrings
  4. Walmart, Denim Leggings
  5. Target, Point Toe Flats

Purty Parsons

Last week on The Nate Berkus Show he did a little segment where he put together a little area (side table, chair, lamp, and rug) and he had the audience guess how much it all cost him.  Not to ruin the fun, but it was just under $100.  He said the table he found was thrifted and he painted it.  I love the pops of colors and ran across some tables at Walmart that would have the same effect and guess what, they are super cheap!  I love all the colors!

Parsons Accent Tables, Walmart

$50 Fridays: Rain Rain Go Away

And my rain boot obsession continues! Aren’t these darlin? This whole get up really toots my horn.

  1. Forever21, Cowl Neck Tunic
  2. Forever21, Round Antique Earrings
  3. Walmart, Zipper Heel Rain Boots
  4. Forever21, Basic Leggings