$50 Fridays: Stylish Walmart Special

I am a firm believer in it doesn’t matter where your clothes are from or what brand name they are or how much they cost… you can put together a chic outfit from places that you would never expect!

  1. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Turtle Neck
  2. Walmart, Miley Cyrus 3/4 sleeve Bomber Jacket
  3. Walmart, Levi Strauss Low Slim Bootcut Jeans
  4. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Women’s Laceless Canvas Sneakers

My Dancin Shoes

I got some super cute, super cheap sneakers and I’m dying to tell ya about them!! Sad news though. I can’t for the life of me find them online for sale.. only pictures. So, head to your local Walmart.  And Check.it.out. Adorable and $9.00!!!!

Year In Review: Music

I’m an avid iTunes-er (I just made up a word, oh yes I did).  So I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane from the year 2009 and share with you what I feel have been my-top-listened-to songs via the iPod.  Yes it will be heavily COUNTRY–cut me some slack..I live in Texas, I grew up with parents that listened to country, and I’m a sucker for a story telling song. I also like me some pop every now and then because like I’ve said in other posts, we like to dance around here.  Do we dance well? No.

  1. Lee Ann Womack, Solitary Thinkin’-I love a blues-y Lee Ann Womack and my son smiles when this song comes on.
  2. Lady Antebellum, Need You Now-This song just got stuck in my head when I heard it, that’s when I know I need to buy it.
  3. Kelly Clarkson, My Life Would Suck Without You-This one’s for you J.Wo!
  4. Miranda Lambert, The House that Built Me-LOVE her voice in this song, LOVE the story.  Miranda kills it on this one.
  5. Lady Gaga, Just Dance-This is thanks to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, can’t stop jamming.
  6. Willie Nelson, I’m Alive-I know Kenny Chesney has his own version of this but I think it changes meaning when Willie sings it.  Gotta love Willie Nelson.
  7. Kenny Chesney, Way Down Here-Sad and hopeful song, I’ve listened to it a million times.
  8. Dierks Bentley, Pray-I love me a slow Dierks Bentley song.  Really great song.
  9. Taylor Swift, Love Story-Man-o-man I wasn’t really a Taylor Swift fan and then I heard this about eleventy billion times and I started liking it and then next thing you know I bought the son of a gun.
  10. Miley Cyrus, Party in the U.S.A.-my son dances to this, alot.  So does his mama.  So does Der.

I Think I Might Love Miley Cyrus.

I’m a Target shopper, yes. That is where my heart belongs. BUT, I do step my foot into a Wal-mart for the groceries and non-clothing and accessory related purchases. Imagine my surprise when I saw before me… a clothing line by Miley Cyrus/Max Azria. And I wanted basically every.single.item. Call me an overgrown teenager, I care not. Now excuse me, while I show you why.


  1. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Cross Back Ruffle Tunic
  2. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Sequin Bow Racerback Tank
  3. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Tie Dye V Neck Tee
  4. Walmart, Woven Buffalo Plaid Tunic
  5. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Smocked Jersey Blouson Top
  6. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Knit Boyfriend Blazer
  7. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Bomber Jacket

I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that I LOVE her stuff, being that I listen to Party in the USA once a day (along with AK‘s toddler).

Under My Umbrella…ella.. ella

There will be no raining on your parade with these babies…

  1. Old Navy, Womens Printed Umbrella-Cherry Blossom
  2. Target, Stripe Bubble Umbrella
  3. Target, Totes Bubble Umbrella-Claret Pink
  4. Old Navy, Womens Printed Umbrellas-Green Trees
  5. Walmart, Galleria Big Flower Auto Open Stick Umbrella