Walk This Way

Are doormats out? Because I really like doormats…I think all of these would go swimmingly on my front step.

This is my current doormat and it has elicited many many laughs…to which I say, why are you laughing? You should be running for your lives because IT DOES NOT LIE!

  1. Wisteria, Welcome to the Zoo Doormat
  2. At West End, Recycled Flip Flop Mat
  3. Uncommon Goods, Nice Underwear Mat
  4. Uncommon Goods, Lobster Rope Doormat
  5. Target, Dog is Nuts Doormat

Keep Calm, Keep Calm, Keep Calm

So everybody and their dog or cat for that matter has most likely seen the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, right?  If you haven’t, what bridge have you been living under?  Anywho, I like the motto because I’m the type of person that has been known to inch towards the stressed out, anxiety filled side.  What.  Here’s a few items that have the motto that you can incorporate into your more day to day life.  My personal fav is #3, the band-aids.

  1. Wisteria, Keep Calm Tote
  2. Paper Source, Keep Calm and Carry On Water Bottle
  3. Paper Source, Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages
  4. Avenue B’s Etsy Shop, Keep Calm and Carry On Pendant
  5. Wisteria, Keep Calm Hand Towels
  6. Hutch Me’s Etsy Shop, Keep Calm and Carry On Baby Onesie

Finial Schminial…

I love finials because a) they are a GREAT alternatives for decorative accents when I get sick of having candles and/or picture frames setting EVERYWHERE and b) they just look cool!!!

Here are a few of my faves…

  1. West End, Jewel Tone Decanter
  2. Ballard Designs, Metal Architectural Finials
  3. Crate and Barrel, Wood Finials
  4. Wisteria, Bird on Ball Finial
  5. West End, Large Aqua Finial
  6. Etsy, Vintage Inspired Aqua Painted Finial
  7. Etsy, Vintage Architectural Shabby Chic Finial

Mercury Glass…Because It Looks Badass

I’m redoing my mantle.  I just purchased a carved, painted wooden thing–not sure how else to describe it.  So anyway, it’s colorful like the rest of my house and it’s not very tall, so I need something a little taller to balance things out.  My heart is set on some mercury glass candle pillars.  Here are some mercury items I’ve found during my hunt.  I’ll post a picture of my completed mantle soon!

  1. At West End, mercury glass candle holders
  2. Wisteria, Antiqued Glass Pillar Candleholders
  3. Amazon, Antique Mercury Glass Candle Holder
  4. Target, Mercury Glass Votive Candleholder
  5. Pottery Barn, Mercury Tealight Holder

Platters and Trays and Stuff OH MY!

I have an affinity for trays and platters but I don’t use them in the traditional sense.  I’ll just throw out some of the ways I use trays: candles on a pewter platter on my coffee table, soap dispenser and dish of soaps on a metal tray in the guest bathroom, wii and playstation remotes in a red basket tray in the game room, talavera containers that hold q-tips and cotton balls on a wicker tray in the master bathroom.  That’s just to name a few.  If I have a tray, I can and will find a use for it.  Check out a few I have fawned over lately:

  1. Wisteria, Colorful Wooden Tray
  2. Pier 1, Walnut Photo Tray
  3. Pier 1, Lombok Tray
  4. Target, sengWare 2-pc Oval Platter Set-Heaven
  5. CB2, scroll green tray
  6. Pier 1, Zebra Tray
  7. CB2, cuatro platters
  8. Williams-Sonoma, Wood Dashboard Rectangle Tray
  9. Direct from Mexico, Mexican Talavera Appetizer Boat
  10. Target, Mirrored Tray

Tap that errrr Tag that Luggage

With the holidays normally comes travel and we at Tipsy ALWAYS like to travel in style.  So go ahead and tag that luggage and do it with a little humor por favor!

  1. Wishing Fish, Luggage Tags with Attitude
  2. Uncommon Goods, That’s My Luggage Tag
  3. Picture Makes Perfect Etsy Shop, Luggage Tag
  4. Candy Argyle Designs Etsy Shop, Luggage or ID Tag-Orange Owl
  5. Wisteria, Boys Luggage Tags
  6. Dillards, ETA Headliner Identifier Luggage Tag
  7. Decorative Things Etsy Shop, Keep Calm and Carry On Luggage Tag