Enough to Get Me to Shower

I take baths. Sure.. maybe that’s TMI. But, I don’t really get into the shower unless I’ve just gotta. If I had something this cute starring me down, I might just make my way in there though.

  1. Target, Goldfish Shower Curtain
  2. Walmart, Catalina Stripe Shower Curtain
  3. Target, Submarines Shower Curtain
  4. Target, Home Typography Shower Curtain
  5. Target, Tulip Medallion Shower Curtain
  6. Target, Spanish Vocabulary Shower Curtain
  7. World Market, Black Trees Shower Curtain
  8. Target, Pansy Shower Curtain

Something Cute to Catch the Rouge Food

In our household, we use placemats at every meal. No, we aren’t all fancy pants. We are messy. We need that extra coverage that a placemat gives for all the drips and drops and glops that may come a fallin while we are hurling food into our mouths. I like mine to be cute too. These will fit the bill!

  1. World Market, Braided Round Placemats
  2. World Market, Sarika Spring Floral Placemats
  3. Crate and Barrel, Caliente Placemats
  4. Target, Classic Bandana Placemats
  5. Crate and Barrel, Palm Duo Teal Green Placemat
  6. Crate and Barrel, Ula Green Multi Placemats
  7. Amazon, DII Caliente Stripe Placemats
  8. Crate and Barrel, Maisie Tangerine Placemats

Pretty As A Pitcher

I love me some serving pieces.  I’ve been told that I probably have one too many.  HOWEVER….I don’t have too many pitchers!!  So there!  I do own a couple of the one with the ice container (#5) and I have to say they do come in handy.  But my personal fav is the confetti one (#3)  just because I love all things Mexico as you know.  I can just PITCHER it in my kitchen.

  1. Sundance, Russel Wright Pitcher
  2. Target, sengWare Pitcher, Tangerina
  3. Direct From Mexico, Multi-Color Confetti Mexican Water Pitcher
  4. World Market, Novica Cobalt Spirals of Thought Glass Pitcher
  5. Walmart, Refrigerator Square Glass Pitcher
  6. Sur La Table, Italian Kufra Pitcher with Ice Container

Welcome to the Hood

The Hooded Towel that is… My little munchkin started growing out of his hooded towels, so he asked for some more for Christmas.  He procured #1 and #3 from his Grannie.  Specifically the duck one on #1 and I can’t tell you the cuteness, the utter OMG cuteness when he’s got this on.  Here’s some more that I like and for all of you mamas with little girls, I threw a unicorn in for ya.

ak-hooded towels

  1. Kid’s Poncho Bath Towels, World Market
  2. Shark Hooded Towel, The Company Store
  3. Wry Baby Monster Towels, World Market
  4. Fun Robot Personalized Hooded Towel, Polka Dot Patch Boutique
  5. Little Girls White Unicorn Personalized Hooded Towel, Polka Dot Patch Boutique
  6. Funky Orange Monster Hooded Towel, Polka Dot Patch Boutique
  7. Monkey Hooded Towel, The Company Store
  8. Orange Tiger Organic Hooded Towel, Modern Moppet
  9. Blue Elephant Organic Hooded Towel, Modern Moppet

Santa Was Very Good To Me

So we know that my son is spoiled as hell, so let’s talk about Mommy.  I must have been very good this year, or my boyfriend Ben and my Mom, Mimi really know me well! Here’s a few of my favs from my stash.

cr-presents procured

  1. Cat house from Ikea.  This goes great with my decor.  It’s acting as a piece of abstract art at the moment, but I am devising plans to make my cats go kookoo for this new condo.
  2. Yurakoro Lucky Cat.  I’ll admit,  I’m a small child when it comes to gifts like these.  Of all the things I received this year, I have to say this is my favorite.  What makes this little gadget even better is when you rock it, the kitty mews just like my Siamese, which makes me laugh everytime.
  3. World Market Floor Lamp.  This was on my Tipsy Christmas list and I think Santa surely read it!  This things is gargantuan.  I am working on finding the perfect place for this in my crib, but am surely in love.
  4. Bissell Pet Vacuum. Comes fully equipped with the chamber that you can view all the nastiness that you suck in.  Hellz yes.

Christmas Wishlist: CR Edition

So a few of these are completely outrageous, because I can’t imagine spending the $.  But in a world where money didn’t matter, here is a list of the things I want to see under my tree.

  1. Z Gallerie Lithe Vases ($14.95 – $18.95) – simple, yet intricate.  Would be perfect for my bamboo!
  2. Hello Kitty Ceramic Watches ($995 – 2900) – yes, I am 29 and 3/4’s and am an admitted Hello Kitty junkie.  These watches are too cute.
  3. Urban Outfitters Head Band ($18.00) – not even sure this would look good on me, just seems really unique and funky, like me.
  4. Yellow Strauss Toms (54.00) – fun and funky.
  5. Tyler Diva Scented Candle ($17.95) – I am just obsessed with these candles and this scent.
  6. Ikea Red Clock ($29.99) – love love love this cute little ticker.
  7. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave ($79.99) – this is a want, definitely not a need.  But if I could pick any out there, this wireless mouse and keyboard surely have my vote.
  8. Rotating Spheres Arc Floor Lamp ($79.99) – I am certain this would complete my house’s transformation to an Asian wannabe home.
  9. Pottery Barn Fruitwood Pillar Holders ($22.99) – too cute, very simple.  I love candles and am sure I would be able to find some which would a nice reason to have these around.
  10. Ivy Mirror and ID Case ($16.00) – did I also ever mention that I am notorious for constantly misplacing my ID, debit card, keys, mind, and sanity.  Think this will help???
  11. Puma Hoodie ($69.00) – did I ever mention I am obsessed with Hoodies?  Any of the Tipsy girls can attest to this.  I am convinced this is the perfect hoodie for me.
  12. Oh and did I mention this little guy (priceless) – no comment :).

China, China!

As I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with all things Asian.  So much so that my son Austin (7yrs) will sing ‘China, China’ whenever he sees something that is sure to catch my eye.  I have lots of Asian fans, but here are a few variations for the peeps not as crazy OBSESSED in love with anything from the Eastern world as me.

  1. cr-fansChinese Wall Fan
  2. Fan Print Bamboo Rug
  3. Chinese Fan Girl Keds
  4. Fan earrings