We Take This Shit Serious

Ok so there is a long standing tradition with a couple of the tipsy girls.

Its starts early.  I am talking 2:30 am early….It’s dark.  It’s so dark, that it’s black……None other than THE Black Friday.  Totally worth It.  HELLA GOOD TIMES AND DEALS.

Heres the line up for me and Mimi (my mom):

  • Kohls (3 am) -for Austin and others
  • Macy’s  (4:15 am)- for Mimi and Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Sets (10 of them , yes I said 10, we have a big family) – if you aren’t aware of this gift set, get on it now.  You’ll thank me later.
  • Target  (6 am)- for Ben and Aus and everyone who need electronics or awesomeness
  • Bath and Body Works (8 am) – for friends and fam and myself
  • Yankee Candles (9 am)- just for fun at this point (gotta keep that house smelling good through out the year)

So we start at about 2:30 am.  Fight all the really crazy peeps, cause you know, we are the sane ones.   Hit all these locales and we are done by about noon or so…..

Don’t hate.

Side note:  Just want to let all tipsy readers know we are celebrating a safe and happy holiday with our friends and family.  Please do the same.  Happy and Safe Holiday to all of our  readers!  See you Monday!!!!