Organizing Essentials

I’m typically an organized person, but I feel like, here lately, I’ve been living in organized chaos. So, I’m officially on a mission to get every closet, drawer, and cabinet in tip-top-shape over the next few months. Here are some recent finds that are helping me with my mission.

  1. The Container Store, Feathergrain Bins: Bins, any bin, are great for those odds and ends that you really don’t have a place for. They can be stored under any table, or anything for that matter, to chicly disguise your clutter.
  2. OXO, POP Containers: These are really great for your pantry because they allow you to see just how much of each food item you have left, which, if you’re like me, it’s a necessity. Example: I always buy pasta at the store because I’m never sure how much I have; then, I get home and I have always have bazillion pounds of it stashed away!
  3. The Container Store, Storage Boxes: These pretty boxes are inexpensive, yet, they look so pretty holding all the clutter that I have in my closets…
  4. The Container Store, Portable File Boxes: I buy a new one of these every year to hold all my bills, essential paper work, tax info, etc, and when the year is over, I neatly put it away for easy access should I need any of that information in the future. It’s a lot easier than having bulky filing cabinets everywhere.
  5. The Container Store, Underbed Boxes: Why let all that space under your bed go unused?
  6. The Container Store, Cube Storage: Super-cute alternatives to shelves!
  7. Rubbermaid, Clever Store: I’m a sucker for a Rubbermaid product, and what I like about these is that they’re clear…aka, you don’t have to open the box to see what’s inside!
  8. The Container Store, 2-drawer Organizer: Great for under the sink in your bathroom where you can always use another drawer.

What are your organizing tricks or tips?


  1. if I buy all this will you come organize everything for me 🙂

  2. @ak: YES…I’ll get with you after my organization is complete…should be done by 2012…haha…possible true story…

  3. @sarah hahaha ok so you’ll get back with me in 2012, excellent. But seriously, am feeling the same about the organized chaos.