You know when you say, “Oh I love your necklace, it’s very pretty” and the other person is all “I got it at Target for $5” even though they weren’t prompted on where or how much the necklace was?  Yeah we are those kinda girls.

Tipsy Society is the product of four best friends who love to get together for happy hour every now and then and discuss anything and everything related to shoes, fashion, kids, shoes, jewelry, home decor, did we mention shoes?  We love to talk about where we got stuff, how much it was, and how great of a deal it was or wasn’t (but if it wasn’t then we’ll tell you why you need to buy these expensive shoes and probably the reason is because they are SUPER COMFORTABLE AND CUTE).

The concept behind this site actually is sort of an expansion from what we share with each other on Google Reader.  We all read different blogs and visit different sites but have unusually similar taste, so we are constantly sharing stuff with each other via Google Reader that we know the other will love.  And so the concept expanded over drinks, of course, to something bigger…sharing with you.

We hope our ideas are cool and you think they are cool, because if you don’t think they are cool then we might just be dorks.  Anyway, back to being cool…if you think they are cool then we hope to see you coming back every day as we share stuff we love with you.

Thanks for being a Tipsy fan!