Hump Day Happy Hour: 3 Steps to Cocktail Heaven

I’m usually a beer girl, but every now and then I like to dive into a fruity and delicious cocktail. One problemo folks… fruity cocktails have about, and I’m roughly estimating here, a zillion calories. I’ve come up with a solution… and get ready because this is going to blow you away the first time you try it.

der-drink crack water

Step one: Order yourself a vodka and one of the following: soda, tonic, or water. ( I prefer soda because I’m a fizzy drink type of gal)

Step two: Have already smuggled in a Crystal Light  sugar free single serving drink mix packet in your purse. (Here at Tipsy Society these are called crack water packets.. well, because they are addictive, highly addictive)

Step three: Mix ordered drink with crack water packet and consume with complete and utter glee.


  1. What if you started with a flavored vodka, something in a lemon flavored vodka + iced tea crystal light? Is that allowed? I say encouraged.

    Howevs, what is the rule on the man-card implications here? Ordering Vodka-tonic is OK, but adding low-calorie fruit to it? probably not ok.

    • @jesse Um, I think depending on the crowd you are with…you may indeed lose your man card. BUT, Im tellin you… TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  2. No WAAAAAY. You did blow my mind on that one. SO gonna try it!!

  3. I have done this with just flat water, but I think you are right about the soda. It will feel more like a real cocktail. Good ideas, ladies!