Things I Can Wear and So Can You

I have always gravitated towards flowy and loose tops. Before I lost the weight that I did pre-wedding, no one thought I needed to lose anything by looking at me. And when I would say I was dieting, they would tell me some tale of me being out of my mind- that I looked fine already.  I was good at disguising is what it was. Well, now that I’m pregnant, my pants are getting tight and my previously not round belly is starting to have a little done-lapped over my pants situation.  So enter my love of flowy tops. Here we go ladies, these are your best friend.. let me tell you. Prego or not.

  1. Walmart, Organic Chambray Key Hole Top
  2. Forever21, Silk Flounce Top
  3. Kohls, Twisted Chiffon Tunic
  4. Chadwicks, Diamond Inset Goddess Tank
  5. Victorias Secret, Tiered Silk Georgette Shell
  6. Forever21, Eyelet Trim Woven Top
  7. Chadwicks, The Tiered Tee
  8. Victorias Secret, Tiered Linen Halter Sweater