Romp In the Hay

Get your minds out the gutter. Rompers are back and in a big, over-sized onesie way.  BUT, let me go ahead and be honest and say I think they are kinda cute. On the right people and bodies of course. Let’s take a closer look at the evidence, shall we? What say you? Will you be romping around this summa’?

  1. Forever21, Basic Tube Romper
  2. Alloy, Spoon Jeans Denim Romper
  3. Victorias Secret, Short Sleeved Slub Romper
  4. Forever21, Strapless Silk Romper
  5. Target, Strapless Chambray Romper
  6. Target, Button Front Challis Romper
  7. Target, Embroidered Strapless Romper
  8. Charlotte Russe, Striped Knit Romper


  1. Unless you have a BMI of below 20, you probably shouldn’t wear one of these! (And I say that as a woman with a BMI of 24!) Sorry, they are cute on the people with the bodies of models and actresses, but that’s about it.

  2. I actually think they’re pretty cute. But, with a 3 month post-partum body the answer is no. I definitely won’t be wearing one.

  3. I may try some on, at any rate. BMI = 21 and I’m still not sure those would be flattering on anyone but people who are skinnyskinny. Liberty of London did a pants version that was kind of…scary…
    But shorts are a possibility…