Cute Tops

A Cute Top. I’m always open to a new cute top…hahaha who isn’t! A new top with some jeans and sandals…outfit DONE!  As I was perusing, here are some that I think are pretty durn cute!

  1. Anthropologie, Pahala Halter
  2. Target, Liberty of London Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank
  3. Anthropologie, Meeting Place Tank
  4. Ann Taylor Loft, Herringbone Stripe Button Down (this would be super cute with some bright red sandals!!)
  5. Anthropologie, Billowed Bow Tank
  6. Macys, Grace Elements Tank Top


  1. I’ve been crushing on #3 for a while now…but I might switch to #4…so cute!1

  2. @Danielle yep, #1 and #4 are my top two…

  3. I have a handful of tops from Anthro and invariably when I wear any one of them I get the most compliments, like, EVER. That place is magic.

  4. #1 is to die for!

  5. @Christen totally agree about Anthro being magic–if only their prices were more magic like 🙂

    @Der I knew you’d agree with me on that one…

  6. Which is why I only have a few! But I usually manage to get them on sale or with birthday/Christmas money as a splurge 🙂 Gotta be strategic, yo.