Holy Robe

I’m starting to think in advance to my hospital stay coming up in a few months. Yes, I’m panicking about many things: epidurals, possible c-sections, the health of my baby… and the condition of my bathrobe. Ladies, it’s not looking too good on the robe front over here. I think I must get a new one for the baby’s visitor’s sake. It’s only fair. Here are a few sassy numbers that I’m considering.

  1. Target, Jersey Slub Robe
  2. Amazon, Nautica Knit Robe
  3. Target, Hooded Robe
  4. Victoria’s Secret, Ultrasoft Robe
  5. Victoria’s Secret, Super Soft Lounge Robe


  1. Go dark in color. I suggest navy or black. You can figure out why. But it’s going to be GREAT! And Worth It! But definitely get a robe. I went with a black one from Target and I love it, still. Also, don’t get something too hot because you will be sweating like mo-fo after that baby comes out. Something about the hormones. Yay! So excited for you!

  2. It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase! A lot of my mom-friends say ditch the cute jammies and stick with the fugly hospital-issued ones that open in the back (and, will, uh, get stuff on them) and just go for the cute cover-up for pics/visitors. Also, bring some slippers with good traction so your feet don’t have to touch the floor!