The Tipsy Wedding Project: Ring Bearer

Today we are going to cover the ring bearer…I thought I’d share a little of what Christen was looking for, which is something unique and not a normal ring bearer pillow.

My supremely awesome 4 year old brother, Evan, is our ring bearer.  He is very excited for the wedding and said he watched a cartoon where “a boy was in a wedding and I saw him carry the rings so I know what to do!”  I love that kid SO MUCH.  Anyway, I’ve never been a huge fan of the pillow for the rings.  Maybe it’s because, while Evan is a pretty sensitive soul, he’s a rough and tumble boy who plays the drums (with his shirt off, natch) so having him carry the rings on a pillow just doesn’t seem natural.  Then again, it’s not like anyone walks around with rings on pillows.  Any alternate ideas?  I’ve been cruising wedding sites looking for something and am coming up empty.

So here goes…these are our suggestions:

  1. Court-Take a small wooden box, cover with orange flowers.  You can also put green moss on the inside for a little extra touch.
  2. Sarah-I LOVE this. It’s not as cheesy as a pillow and it’s something the bride and groom can keep forever!
  3. AK-A pillow made from moss with a fall leaf and some twine–LOVE IT!
  4. Der-I’m kind of in love with this ring bearer pillow. It would actually be really easy to make yourself and look really gorgeous in rich fall oranges and browns instead of blue.


  1. ……….it’s WEDNESDAY! I’m going into the DT’s waiting HDHH:)))))