One of Each Please!

My cousin purchased a Shiraleah bag last year and I wanted to steal it off her shoulder immediately! When I went on a hunt for one of my own I found that not only were they affordable, they were vegan leather, they had bright colors but I wanted every single one available! I honestly can’t decide which one I want to get.  Which one would you get?

  1. Bree Clutch Bag
  2. Molly Clutch Bag
  3. Callisto Snap Clutch
  4. Nuria Clutch Bag
  5. Maddie Fold Clutch Bag
  6. Verena Shoulder Bag
  7. Fallon Tote
  8. Morgan Basic Tote Bag
  9. Hudson Tote Bag
  10. Beatrix Satchel


  1. I’ll take #9 STAT!

  2. go small or go home. #1 pls. kthxbai

  3. I’d like 2 and 9 ASAP please!!!!

  4. @Sarah I think I’m with you–#9 is prob the way to go
    @Court I knew you’d like that one the best, knew it! called it!
    @Danielle See what I mean! It’s hard to pick just one!