The Tipsy Wedding Project: Roundup!!

Hey Christen! So we know you’ve got a wedding coming up pretty soon and we thought we’d let you know what the readers picked for you in all genres we came up with.  I think it all looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself!

  1. AK-This bouquet is so RICH in color and I believe that’s what Christen is going for.  This combines roses, lilies (calla), and a tiny bit of hydrangea.  I love the berries and seeded eucalyptus which can be incorporated into some badass boutonnieres when we get to those.
  2. Sarah-I love this invite because it’s simple with a touch of modern romance!
  3. AK-Very simple, mini calla to tie in the bride’s bouquet with a little bit of a twist of that twine stuff or whatever it is.  LOVE IT.
  4. Der-These are cute and orange and would totally be reusable later on with a par-TAY dress! I did apple green shoes under my wedding dress, but they were dyed and therefore unable to be worn in wet conditions.. BOO!!  and her groom could wear these.
  5. Court-My idea for the centerpieces is heavily influenced by the centerpiece/florals at Der’s wedding.  I love the mixture of fruit and floral.  You can work in whatever flowers you choose at the top or the base and include whole oranges or slices.  I think its comes off so elegant and FUN.
  6. Der-This is something I WISH I would have done at my wedding! So easy.. just find two seconds (easier said than done) in your busy reception time hold the sign saying Thank You and voila! Turn it into super adorable thank you cards for all those wedding gifts that you rake in!
  7. Der-I did cookie favors in our wedding colors with our last initial on them and they were quite the hit. The taste testing part is pretty much awesome too. You can either have them at each place setting or do a pass out situation when guests are leaving.
  8. Sarah-I LOVE this. It’s not as cheesy as a pillow and it’s something the bride and groom can keep forever!
  9. Sarah-I would choose either the yellow or red shoe to wear with the bridesmaids dresses. These are fun, sassy, and tie into the fall colors nicely.

Thanks everybody for voting! Christen & Ed, Best Wishes from the Tipsy Gals!


  1. I love all these pics! They go together great and are just perfect! Kind of makes me want to plan a wedding!!

  2. Aw, thank you! This was such fun and truly did help us narrow down all the crazy options out there, and I can’t wait to share photos. I think you will be surprised by just how many ideas we incorporated! We’re getting ready to send out the invitations and finalizing details. Tomorrow we head to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license!

    Thank you for your wonderful suggestions and a big THANK YOU to the readers who voted.

  3. @Danielle I think it looks pretty good! I think the tipsy readers knew what they were doing 😉
    @Christen DUDE it was a pleasure! We had so much fun with this and can’t wait to see how the big day turns out!