Weiner Love

I feel like with all this baby talk over at my crib, these doxies aren’t getting the spotlight like they have in the past. Although if they were taller, they could see the wall of their mugshots gracing my bambino’s nursery. Here are some weiner lover delights that I have stumbled upon as of lately.

  1. Etsy, Dachshund Crayon Holder
  2. Etsy, Tofu The Gentle Dachshund
  3. Etsy, Modern Happy Dog Clock
  4. Etsy, Salchicha
  5. Etsy, Dachshund Bun Bed
  6. Etsy, Dachshund Paper Towel Holder
  7. Etsy, Amusing Dachshund Pillows
  8. Etsy, Hot Dog Coasters


  1. OMG I need #2 and #7… for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. haha I LOVE #5!