Capturing Memories

So, I need your help…The hubby and I are planning on investing in a video camera before the our little one arrives and I have 0 clue what to look for or what I would want in a video camera!

My first question is the memory, do we get a Shoot & Share, one with a hard drive, or one with a flash drive??? I’ve found a few that I like in each category, but I, obviously, have NO clue if they’re actually any good…soooo…all comments and thoughts are appreciated!

  1. Flip Video
  2. Sony Handycam
  3. Sony HD Camcorder


  1. I’d prob get something that also has the ability to take 10mp pictures also…I can’t tell you how many times I was recording and switched back over on our camcorder to take a picture…and 10mp will take GREAT pictures.

  2. I have the Sony Handycam HDR-CX150. It has both a hard drive and flash drive. The best of both worlds! I really love it. It takes outstanding videos.

    Re: AK’s comment. The Handycam does take still photos, too, but I’ve never tried it. From what I understand, video cameras typically don’t take very good still photos. But I don’t have a problem carrying both a camera and the video camera.

  3. We LOVE our flip camera. It’s just so EASY. We wanted something simple to take video of the kid, mainly so we could share with family and friends who live far away. The flip totally fits the bill. And it’s so small, I just toss it in my purse.

  4. @Robin we have a Sony HDR-SR12 which the newer model of this would be a Sony HDR-XR150 and it takes PHENOMENAL still photos. I have heard the same about video cameras not taking great stills but we were so pleasantly surprised ours did, we use it for both pics and videos equally.

  5. @ak: I thought about your camera after our Tipsy Faves post, but what would you say if I told you we were thinking about getting a video camera AND SLR camera…would you still recommend yours as an all in one?

  6. @Katie: I think the Flip cameras are soooo cute, and their price is nice too! 🙂

  7. @Robin: Good to know about the handycam!

  8. @sarah well shit, go for the gold! I’d def recommend if you want to have an all in one, get a video camera that has at least 10mp for stills.

  9. @ak Thanks! That’s good to know. I won’t be afraid to take still photos with it now. 🙂 I LOVE this camera.