Tipsy Favs: Cameras

We are some picture-taking fools. If there is an event or even just a casual dinner, we always have a camera to document what is happening. Here’s what we use to capture our everyday, what do you use?

  1. Sarah-I’ve had a camera very similar to this one for 3 years and I love it for several reasons: 1) it’s resilient 2) it takes great pictures 3) it has a wide viewing screen that allows you to preview your pics without squinting!
  2. Der-I got this camera for Christmas last year after much begging and pleading. See, my track record wasn’t too good for not breaking previous cameras I have owned. Now, almost a year later it’s still kickin and taking great pictures. I still have so much to learn about the settings, etc but I’m just happy that it’s still intact. I would like a small take in your purse type camera too, any suggestions??
  3. AK-So this is one of those camcorders that also takes pics and my father-in-law got it for us when my son was born as a baby gift/Christmas gift/both of our birthdays the following year gifts hahahahaha! And we love it.  We love the pictures it takes and we love the videos it takes.  For my son’s first birthday we setup a “photobooth” by putting it on a tripod and swiveling the screen so you can see yourself and using the remote control it comes with.  Can’t say enough good things about this camera.
  4. Court-Ben and I have a small cam that we try to remember to bring with us at all times. But that rarely, errr, never happens. Anyone who knows me knows I’m constantly snapping shots with my iPhone. Works for now and I always know I’ll have it on hand.


  1. I am dying for one of the new DSL style cameras that are small enough to carry around. I mostly end up using my iPhone and wish I didn’t!

  2. @Danielle ohhh what’s this? I don’t think I’ve heard of this?

  3. This is the one I’m drooling over. Thinking that if I keep waiting maybe they’ll get even smaller.
    Sorry it’s not a better link. This was easiest to send from my phone.