Sweater Showdown

I found the sweater on the right at Target. I mentally made a note to check that out when I made my routine trip to Target. THEN…THEN I saw this sweater on the left on the Langston’s site and I was all OMG!  More color options and $15 cheaper! Whaaaa!  You can definitely guess which one I went with and I can totally see myself rocking it with a long sleeve tee and jeans.

Langstons ($19), Derek Heart Women’s Short Sleeve Flyaway Cardigan

Target ($34), Ci Sono Juniors’ Short-Sleeve Knit Cardigan Sweater


  1. I love these sweaters! I have been on the hunt for affordable wool or wool-blend sweaters (I work in a freezing cold office, and I don’t think my fleece blanket is doing much for my style). Any tips on where to find them at reasonable prices??

  2. Don’t be suprised if a friends of yours copy cats this sweater…LOVE it! 🙂

  3. @Rachael I can generally find really cute stuff at Target but I’m definitely going to add Langston’s to my list of places to check for cute sweaters!!

  4. @Sarah by all means sista!!

  5. Such a perfect sweater (the Langston)! Any idea how the sizing runs? Trying to decide between a small and medium.

  6. Deb @Langstons says:

    I think they are pretty true to size, but I haven’t tried one on yet…we can always exchange if needed!

  7. @Valerie I haven’t rec’d mine yet but I will def let you know how it fits. Thanks Deb for the info!!

  8. Thanks for the update! I’ll try Target and Langston’s and see what I can find.