$50 Fridays: Giving in to the Bootie

I like to think that I am on trend when it comes to fashion, but one thing I could never EVER get behind is an ankle boot. To me they seemed to cut off the long line of the leg and just make people look stumpy and silly when wearing them. I’m beginning to see the light when you add a tight in a corresponding color to the bootie. I’m branching out, people and soon enough you may find me in some booties too.

  1. Solid Knit Tights, Forever 21
  2. Puff Sleeve Sweater, Forever 21
  3. Zip Up Front Skirt, Forever 21
  4. Chinese Laundry Suede Ankle Boot, 15 Dollar Store
  5. Glimmer Beaded Hoop Drop Earrings, Forever 21