Christmas in Review: Der

Y’all, my husband claims to NEVER read Tipsy. And if you knew him, you would believe it with all your heart. He is not too good with the technology. Let’s just say he has asked me not to send him emails with the “paperclips” on them because he doesn’t know how to open them. Well, this Christmas I found out he is a big fat liar. He visited my tipsy wishlist and man did he deliver! Here is some of my loot:

  1. Amazon, Modern Family – I just popped this in the other night and am trying to convert other family members. I know it won’t take long.
  2. Amazon, Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag– OMG so cute. The husband claimed to have fought a preggo in Neimans for the last bag in the store. My hero.
  3. Amazon, Bare Minerals Starter Kit– Holy shit balls. This is the best make up ever. I am a makeup junkie and have tried and used every thing out there. I swear to the beauty gods that I am converted for life.
  4. Sephora, Shimmer and Shine Collection– This was just icing on the mineral cake! Sparkly shadows and the best lipgloss eva came in this baby.