Feelin’ Shady

It is officially spring and that means 80 degree weather or higher from here on out in Texas. And that means sunglasses are a must have accessory every day. I have a bad history with sunglasses. I break them or lose them about once a week. I have to limit myself to no more than $10 on a pair so I’m not wasting all my money on those things. Enter Forever 21. They have tons of cute sunglasses and they are all around $5! Perfect if you have the same problem I have  holding on to a pair. Here are a few of my favs right now…

  1. F1871 Sunglasses
  2. F4615 Sunglasses
  3. F2621 Sunglasses
  4. F4524 Sunglasses
  5. F5552 Sunglasses
  6. F6021 Sunglasses
  7. F4558 Sunglasses