On The Look For A New Pocketbook

I love hand bags. I probably have almost as many bags as I do shoes, and thats saying something. But regardless of how many I own, I will never stop wanting another. Here are a few I have my eye right now…

  1. Modcloth, Reach New Levels Satchel
  2. Lord and Taylor, Ray Fringe Hobo Bag
  3. Forever 21, Leatherette Hobo Bag
  4. Forever 21, Large Drawstring handbag
  5. Target, Angie & Lola Washed Hobo
  6. Target, Converse One Star Crossbody
  7. Modcloth, Daisy Does It Bag
  8. Target, Jacqueline Courier Handbag


  1. michelle says:

    oooooooh! i’ll take #1 and #7 pleaseandthankyou

    • Aren’t they great? Modcloth has some super cute bags (thrown in with some very weird accessories)

  2. I just got an awesome teal Fossil purse for 25% off at Bon-Ton – http://www.bonton.com/shop/handbags-accessories/handbags/totes-top-handles/fossil-hanover-bag_223192.html?query=fossil – and I absolutely LOVE it!