Victoria Tell Me Your Secret

Whilst browsing Victoria Secret online recently, I have run across all of these UBER cute things! And these things are not bras nor undergarments, as much as I’m sure my husband wishes they were. Check it out. Now if only I could look like those models while wearing these items….

  1. Keyhole Halter Tunic
  2. Rouched Tube Top
  3. Embellished Blouse
  4. Silk Ruffle Dress
  5. Daytime Jersey Scoop Dress
  6. Stone Embellished Halter Top
  7. Sweetheart Halter Dress
  8. Ruffle Front Shirt


  1. All of us can look like VS models… all we need is a little Photoshop apparently. Check this out:

  2. My beef with model bodies is not that they make me feel bad about myself, it’s that I can’t tell how things will look without busting out a tape measure and looking at the dimensions. A skirt that looks like a mini on 6 foot tall Svetlana comes down to my knees and the cardigan that looks to have 3/4 length sleeves comes down past my fingertips. /rant

    Also, I like that gypsy shirt. I’d wear it with white shorts and fancy flat sandals.