Just Call Me Dora

As in Fedora. I wore one last weekend while at the big antiques/craft show in Round Top, TX and Court called me Dora the whole day.  My sister, on the other hand, called me Pete Wentz. Not really sure where that came from, does he even wear fedoras?? Any ways, regardless of the nick names, I will continue to wear my fedora with pride. What about you?

  1. Target, Merona Floral Band Straw Fedora
  2. Forever 21, Ricky Woven Fedora
  3. Forever 21, Basketweave Fedora with Leopard Print Trim
  4. Forever 21, Woven Flower Fedora
  5. Old Navy, Women’s Straw Fedora
  6. Forever 21, Knit Fedora