Hair Dirt

After I’m pretty much done fixing my hair I have in the past used Redken Water Wax to tame some fly aways and get my bangs to move in a direction that doesn’t look like ass.  I also liked using it on the ends of my hair to just get a little polish.  But I’m here today to tell you that I am a convert.  I’ve converted from Redken Water Wax straight into the arms of Jonathan Dirt.

Do you know Jonathan Antin? I used to watch his show Blow Out on Bravo a few years back and I specifically remember when he was creating his hair line while they were filming.  On one specific episode he was trying to have them formulate “Dirt” per his standards and apparently at that point they had not and he ended up throwing the product across the room and threw a little hissy fit.

So anyway, now years later I have purchased the “up to Jonathan Antin’s standards” Dirt and I LOVE IT.  It’s not sticky like Water Wax, it’s smooth and silky and yet it controls fly-aways and perfectly separated my bangs in a way that doesn’t look like ass.  So I would definitely suggest if you are a WAX person you might want be a DIRT person.  Let me know if you agree!

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste, Amazon


  1. I need help making sure my hair doesn’t look like ass….so I’ll put this on my list to buy 😉

  2. That stuff looks awesome! I love the texture of dirty hair but with short hair mine tends to look oily – this stuff might be the answer!

    • when I use wax my hair will immediately look dirty if I use a bit too much, but this stuff–not once has my hair looked dirty. It just felt like “next day” hair, you know what I mean?