Jamaicin Me Crazy

Feast you eyes on THIS.  This is my upcoming vacay with the man and his family.

Besides the fact that I can’t.freaking.wait, I have a couple of questions.  Some attractions have been tossed around and I’ve done a few and some sound like they aren’t really my style.  Looking for some input.

  1. Snorkeling (definitely one of my top picks)
  2. Swimming with the dolphins (really?  shouldn’t we just leave them alone)
  3. Horseback riding (also, sounds like fun)
  4. Para-sailing (I’ve done this several times and loved it)
  5. Sit back and drink by the beach and make it not worth their while to offer me an ALL INCLUSIVE vacay

Whatcha think??

Photo Courtesy of Riu Resort Montego Bay


  1. I’ve been snorkeling, and something about the possibility of things nibbling on my toes creeps me out. Ditto for item 2, although if I could get past that, it would probably be awesome. I’m all over 3-5. Especially 4 & 5.
    That place is GORGEOUS! Which one is it?

  2. MichelleLG says:

    how exciting COURT! a couple super fun things to add to your list:

    (1) bioluminescent bay (i have been to Luminous Lagoon at Glistening waters- 876-954-3229) SUPER, super cool and fun. basically, there are tiny microorganisms that live in the water in this bay and they glow in the dark when the water is disturbed. you have a meal at sunset by the water, then at dusk you take a boatride into the bay and can swim in the water. the wake of the boat glows and twinkles like glitter and if you run your hand through the water, it sparkles like a million stars in the water. its really incredible, and there are only a few places like it in the world!

    (2) Dunn’s River Falls- basically, some beautiful water falls coming down the side of a hill/mountain. their are trails along the falls that you can hike up, and the more adventurous can climb up the falls themselves. there are places along the way where the water pools and you can swim. super fun!

    (3) do #5 on your list 24/7! is it just me, or do complimentary drinks on vacation just taste better than the regular old kind? bring on the margaritas and pina coladas! 🙂

    hope you have a great time!

  3. @Michelle and Amanda

    Just an update–the main attractions we visited were the Falls. LOVED it. Thank you so much for that suggestion. Also, the snorkeling was great. Thanks for the suggestions ladies.