Good Eats

Kids and food…it’s a toss up right? Some days they eat great, some days you think they are a bottomless pit, and other days you wonder how they keep the energy up with the minuscule amounts of food they ingest.  On those days I’m all, let’s have a little bit more milk, whattayasay?

  1. Healthy Habits Kids Food PlateDanielle and I were talking about this plate the other day and how great it is that it helps US the parents know how much to serve and also teaches the kiddos portions of food at mealtimes.
  2. Jane Jenni Funky Monkey Melamine Plate, Amazon
  3. Fred & Friends Food Face, Amazon-This might just instigate playing with food but its funny no?
  4. Stephen Joseph Melamine Tray, Amazon-This is the type of plate I should have had as a kid because I wanted all my food separate…DID. NOT. WANT. IT. TOUCHING.

Do you guys have picky eaters or bottomless pits?


  1. I can’t wait to get that first plate in the mail. B eats pretty much all starches and fruits. I’m really hoping this will help.