My Typical Day

I just read Jennie’s post over at She Likes Purple regarding her typical day and loved it and thought I’d play along as well!

6:00a Hank (our almost 4 month old) starts stirring, I get up and go get him and bring him in bed with my husband and I and sometimes he’ll fall back asleep until my almost 3 year old, Jack, starts waking up.

6:45-7a Jack is for sure awake by this point. We all file downstairs. My husband, Jesse, gives Hank a bottle while I fix Jack his breakfast and fix my husband and I some form of caffeinated beverage.

7:30a Jack starts playing with his cars and Jesse and I fix our breakfasts while Hank swings or bounces in some sort of contraption.

7:45a Hank is thoroughly over said contraption and hopefully one of us has snarfed their cereal down fast enough to go change up his scenery.

8:00a Jesse, who works from home, generally tells us “goodbye” and heads back upstairs to start his work day. We resume car playing.

9:00a We load the cars up and head upstairs where Jack plays while I get Hank down for a nap.  This generally involves Jack running back and forth between Hank’s room and the game room in a LOUD whisper asking me what I’m doing, what’s Baby Hank doing, which Cars 2 racer is from Spain, Japan, England, Italy, etc etc.

9:20a-ish Jack and I head back downstairs for his second breakfast of yogurt and blueberries.

9:40-9:45a Hank wakes up. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes not.

10:00a-10:15a Bottle for Hank. Jack is asking me about (Cars 2) Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell and Grem and Acer and Professor Z and what they are doing and where they are going and do they have engines and do they need car washes.

10:16a Change Hank’s poopy diaper

10:20-11:00a At this point we generally get “the big phone” (the iPad) out and either do some puzzles, read stories or practice writing letters with some of the apps.  Hank is either happily screeching in my lap or swinging or in the jumperoo.

11:00a Jesse comes downstairs. I fix Jack’s lunch and Jesse fixes our lunch.

11:30a Just as Jesse is putting our lunches down on the table, Hank is ready for a nap.  I head back upstairs to get Hank down. Jack finishes up lunch with Jesse downstairs.

12:00p Jesse usually takes Jack up and reads a couple of stories and gets him down for his nap. And I try and get my lunch in at this point.  This is also the point in time where I attempt to do some sort of laundry or pay bills or read email or if I’m lucky get through some blogs on Google Reader.

1:00-1:30p Jesse heads to the gym. Hank wakes up sometime around now.  Bottle time!

1:31p Change Hank’s poopy diaper.

1:45-2:00p Jack wakes up.  I run upstairs and get him and we come back downstairs.

2:00p-3:00p We generally need a snack and a Team Umizoomi or Bubble Guppies or Curious George or SOMETHING. We build car dealerships with legos, or oil derricks, or giant car washes. And I NEED caffeine.

3:00p Hank is ready for a nap.  We head upstairs and I turn on Mister Rogers where they explain how they make crayons and Jack is fascinated by this process. However, in general we repeat what happens at 9a where Jack is running back and forth between Hank’s room and the game room and in a LOUD whisper is asking me what I’m doing, what’s Baby Hank doing, which Cars 2 racer is from Spain, Japan, England, Italy, etc etc.

3:40-3:45p Hank wakes up, we head back downstairs.

4:00p Bottle Time!

4:16p Change Hank’s poopy diaper.

4:20-4:30p I ask Jack if he wants to go get the mail, he says no.  I get the keys and we all head outside to get the mail. Come inside drenched in sweat and heat rash already forming on Jack. I’m swearing under my breath about how hot it is as we walk back inside.

4:30p-5:00p Jesse heads downstairs. I try and fit in a trip to the gym.

5:00-5:30p We all sit down to eat dinner.

5:30p Hank goes down for a nap.

6:00p Hank is up!

6:00-7:00p Dance parties and piggy back rides!

6:45p Hank is PISSED that he is still downstairs and you people aren’t taking him up for a bath and a bottle and bedtime.  He voices this loudly. Jesse heads up with Hank and does that routine.

7:00p-8:00p Jack and I head upstairs.  He takes a bath, then we go and read 2 or 3 or 4 books depending on how persuasive he is.  Then we have some Cars 2 talk.  Then lights out.

8:00p I shower and then head downstairs to do the dishes.

8:30p We settle in downstairs and watch whatever we have recorded on TiVo and Jesse works.

10:00p Head upstairs and give Hank a bottle and watch a Friends rerun.

10:30p-11:30 Pass out from exhaustion.

So that’s my day.  And that’s just a regular at home day, not a day when we have somewhere to go.  What’s your typical day?


  1. I am tired just reading this.

  2. You sure do have to talk about Cars 2 a lot. Maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry for my kiddo to talk?

    Thanks for playing along, it’s so fun to see everyone’s different days!

    • Ha! Yes I do! It’s like you can’t wait for them to talk and then when they do you just want a moment of silence!!

      Thanks for starting it up, I definitely had fun with it 🙂

  3. That made me so tired just reading it and cured the little bout of baby fever I was having this week 🙂

  4. Sounds very similar to our days, glad I’m not the only one!

  5. WOW!!! Sounds like you could use some Nanny Laura help. So sad I’m a big girl now with a “real” job and can’t spend my days with you and your boys, but it sounds like you have become SUPER MOM!!!