Christmas Stocking Update

Remember when I told y’all I was gonna make stockings this year? Well I did some semi-homemade ones…I had every intention of going and buying the felt to actually sew the stockings but when I got to my fabric store lo and behold they had basic red felt stockings that I could use as a base to start with.  So I bought 4 of those puppies and some rick rack and felt squares.  I had purchased two ornaments (an owl and a hedgehog) to put on the pockets of the boys’ stockings the week before.  So I got to work and ended up just hot glueing the majority of the project.  My plan for next year is to actually embroider their names on by hand (inspired by this), but for now I’m just going to use the initials.


  1. They turned out so cute! Love the hedgehog!

    • Thank you! I did them each with what their theme was in their rooms. Jack has always had a minor owl theme in this room and the same with Hank who now has a minor hedgehog theme.

  2. LOVE them. So cute. I love the rick rack, the hedgehog, owl, and the ruffles! I just love them all 🙂 They look really fantastic!