New Years Resolutions: Sarah 2012

Man oh man…I cannot BELIEVE it’s already 2012! I need to get this year started off right, so I’m actually going to create some very attainable resolutions for myself.

1. WORKOUT!!!! Yes, I have lost all my baby weight (+5 pounds), which means I’m actually at my ultimate goal weight and I was NOT at that weight pre-preggo. However, I’m thinking the main reason I’m at my ultimate goal weight is because I have lost a lot of muscle mass…? Hahaha…I’m not sure this is actually the reason, but my workouts have been few and far between. In July, I started the post-baby weight loss process and hit it hard, including at least 2 sessions of bikram yoga a week mixed in with cardio and weights. I had a great routine that I was really happy with until the end of August, when my hubby took a new job and was out of town Mon.-Fri . I mean, who wants to work out after taking care of a baby ALL day by yourself???? NOT ME!!!! His traveling has calmed down a LOT, so I’m joining the YMCA and going to get back into fighting shape!

2. BLOG!!!! When us gals started this blog in 2009 it was a fabulous creative outlet, but I obviously put writing on the back burner when baby C came along in March. I work full-time from home and between managing my baby, work, and house-hold chores, I never really got a good grasp to make time for ANY creative outlets. This is ALL changing. I’m literally forcing myself to get back on track because it’s a great way to get your thoughts out AND to fake shop…I mean, lets face it, it’s hard to justify that uber-cute new spring wardrobe when you have a new little one, but it will never hurt to look! 🙂

Happy 2012 everyone!