9 Ways to Make a First Birthday The Bomb!

My baby turned into a one year old a couple of weekends ago.  I decided that I’d try and make everything myself.  It was a lot of hard work but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Disclaimer: No one was injured or maimed from the massive amounts of candy with red dye available.

  1. We’ve done a bunch of owl stuff in our son’s room and have continued to carry that theme through his first year.  The invitation was a custom order with Pink Bathtub Designs, and the photostrip was done by us at home.  We just printed 3 strips per 5×7 photo paper and cut them ourselves.
  2. I made a small cake for our son to devour himself.  In case you hadn’t guessed it, I’m not a cake decorator.  We purchased the candles on ShopBakersNook.com.
  3. Owl Cupcakes!  My first try at making a cupcake look like something other than a little cake with a blob of icing on it…I modeled them after a cupcake I found in Hello, Cupcake.  Mine obviously aren’t as cute as the ones in the book, but hey, I’m an amateur.
  4. Your average red cup, found at Target.  The sticker was designed by petitenfantdesigns who normally designs these for a cupcake topper, but was nice enough to do a custom order that we could print on round sticker labels.  We used these EVERYWHERE!!  Can not say enough nice things about Kami at petitenfantdesigns, she was just great to work with.
  5. Party hat was made by yours truly with poster board from our local Walgreens and this template.  I just traced the template onto the poster board, cut it and stapled it together.  I got elastic at our local Hobby Lobby and tied it on after hole-punching holes in the side.  The sticker is petitenfantdesigns.
  6. Don’t you love the quality of this picture–over exposed flash, etc.  I don’t claim to be a photographer either.  I did a couple of small arrangements of red carnations, cut short and arranged low in vase.  I’m not normally a huge fan of carnations, but it was a boy’s party and I guess if you are gonna have flowers, carnations are totally fine and they fit the color scheme.  We bought red/turquoise candy and put them in other small clear vases I had on hand.  In addition we did some plain cupcakes and added cupcake toppers.  These toppers were a custom order with Chachke Designs.  Sarah at Chachke Designs was also great to work with–highly recommend.
  7. We made a ton of Strawberry Basil lemonade which turned out to be a HUGE hit.  We ended up having to make more mid-party.  Recipe:  2 Liters Lemonade, 2 pints strawberries (hulled and sliced), 12 whole basil leaves.  Mix together and let sit for 2 hours before serving.  If you want an adult version of this, vodka goes nicely.
  8. The banners!  This too was made with poster board from the infamous Walgreens.  We used the same stickers and then just printed the letters on regular printer paper.  To make the perfect circle around the letter, I used a bisquit cutter as a guide and then cut with that line.  Got the string at our local grocery store.
  9. The man of honor in our makeshift photobooth for all the guests to take turns taking pictures!  He wanted to know who was up next.

Sick of Navy & Khaki Toddler Pants for Boys?

So in case you haven’t read or guessed yet, I have a little boy. And if you are a mom to a little boy you probably get sick and tired of the same old khaki and navy pants and want to change it up a bit. I know I do! Here are some CUTE CUTE CUTE pants that I’ve run across recently.  I love that most of these are lined so they are soft on those chunky little legs.  My son has practically lived in the American Apparel karate pants since birth!

  1. Boden, Baby Jeans
  2. Boden, Lined Skate Pants
  3. Old Navy, Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants for Baby
  4. American Apparel, Infant Baby Rib
    Karate Pant

Let Me Introduce Myself and the Stuff I’m Currently Loving On

FIRST POST!! Haha! Helloooooo Internets!! I’m Amanda, you can read all about me here. I’m PUMPED about sharing all the stuff I’m loving on. You’ll soon find out that I love bright stuff, stuff for my son, stuff for parties, jewelry and shoes!

PEOPLE…this stuff…I’m hearting it:


  1. Boden, Ravishing Ruffle Jacket
  2. Boden, Biker Jacket
  3. Zappos, Puma Kids, Speeder Mesh Inf (Infant/Toddler)
  4. J.Crew, Twist Sash Dress
  5. Anthropologie, Double Twist Sweater
  6. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Tubac Turquoise Cuff

Hey Everybody Let’s Get Tipsy!!

You know when you say, “Oh I love your necklace, it’s very pretty” and the other person is all “I got it at Target for $5” even though they weren’t prompted on where or how much the necklace was?  Yeah we are those kinda girls.

Tipsy Society is the product of four best friends who love to get together for happy hour every now and then and discuss anything and everything related to shoes, fashion, kids, shoes, jewelry, home decor, did we mention shoes?  We love to talk about where we got stuff, how much it was, and how great of a deal it was or wasn’t (but if it wasn’t then we’ll tell you why you need to buy these expensive shoes and probably the reason is because they are SUPER COMFORTABLE AND CUTE).

The concept behind this site actually is sort of an expansion from what we share with each other on Google Reader.  We all read different blogs and visit different sites but have unusually similar taste, so we are constantly sharing stuff with each other via Google Reader that we know the other will love.  And so the concept expanded over drinks, of course, to something bigger…sharing with you.

We hope our ideas are cool and you think they are cool, because if you don’t think they are cool then we might just be dorks.  Anyway, back to being cool…if you think they are cool then we hope to see you coming back every day as we share stuff we love with you.

Thanks for being a Tipsy fan!