Hump Day Happy Hour: Survival Juice

I saw this drink the other day on Under a Pink Moon and I can’t stop thinking about it! I SOOOO want to try it!! You can just take a guess as to what is on my grocery list and I could definitely use some sort of survival juice up in this hizzouse lately.

Shot of St. Germaine Liquor (Elderflower Liquor)
Club Soda
Prosecco (or dry white wine)
Generous squeeze of fresh lime
Lemon Sweet & Sour (optional)

Hump Day Happy Hour: Peach Collins

Every year I look forward to peach season.  Peaches might be my favorite fruit ever.  So when I saw this drink, I knew I needed to try it STAT!  Here’s what you do: muddle peaches* with some sugar, mix with peach vodka, top with club soda. DRINK.

*preferably Texas peaches, you know because they are the best!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Cake Mix Cocktail

When I heard about this drink I HAD to share it! This sounds SUPER yummy!

Fill a glass with ice.  Add 4.5 oz ginger ale and 1.5oz vanilla vodka.  DRINK.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Gin Rickey

So I’m pretty sure this is an old person drink.  I just wanted to get that disclaimer out of the way.  I’m usually a fan of anything with lime or limeade in it.  Has anyone tried this? Do you like it?  Is it worth a try?

Hump Day Happy Hour: Orangeade

Now, I won’t be adding any vodka to this (although I’d love to) but that is certainly a great idea.

Take one 2 qt. lemonade mix in a pitcher and instead of water, add club soda. Top that off with a cup of orange juice (I prefer the light, pulp free variety) and slice up some oranges, slap ’em in there and let those babies exude their juicy goodness. Yumilicious, I tell ya.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Jack & Ginger

Ok, let me just say this…I hate whiskey with the fury of a thousand blazing suns. It tastes like band-aids in my opinion.  True story.  But I’m telling you…I tried this on our last Mexico trip at the insistence of the bartender and I do really like it.  The interwebs tell me to mix 2 oz Jack with 10 oz Ginger and go forth.