Easy Bridal Fashion

As my 3 year wedding anniversary approaches, I have found myself day dreaming of our special day, and one in particular detail: my wedding dress!

I’m not like most people, I did not find the wedding dress shopping experience to be fun; rather, I kinda hated every minute of it…(other than the good friends, good lunch, and even better champagne.) So after a disastrous experience, I took to the interwebs in search of my dream dress. Where did I find it? Only my favorite “Go To” store of all time, JCrew!

If you are a bride-to-be, don’t be afraid to order your dress online. Most places have free shipping AND returns, and feel free to order several and have a fashion show in the privacy of your own home! I would totally have a fashion show with these beauties…

  1. Chloe Dao, Olivia
  2. Ann Taylor, Silk Strapless Tiered Gown
  3. JCrew, Silk taffeta Sascha Gown
  4. JCrew, Cotton cady Erica dress
  5. JCrew, Jacquard jardiniere gown 
  6. JCrew, Bow monde gown