Turquoise Addiction

Ladies, I have an addiction and it’s called turquoise.  I think all I need to tell you is that I almost bought every single one of these items in the making of this post.  But I didn’t.  Que Milagro!  I’m not making any promises for tomorrow.

  1. Viva Terra, Vintage Silk Scrap Necklace
  2. Sundance, Blue Falls Necklace
  3. Soft Surroundings, Novia Necklace
  4. King Ranch Saddle Shop, Three Strand Turquoise Necklace
  5. Chadwicks, Turquoise Nugget Necklace
  6. Heart Design Jewelry Etsy Shop, Handcraft Turquoise Necklace with Waxed Cotton Cord
  7. Old Navy, Women’s Multi-Strand Seed-Bead Necklaces
  8. Persimmon Jewelry Etsy Shop, Turquoise Button Necklace
  9. Anthropologie, Double Torsade Necklace
  10. Heart Design Jewelry Etsy Shop, Turquoise Handcraft Necklace and Waxed Cotton Cord 24 Inch

Damn These Catalogs in My Mailbox

Hey I didn’t say we’d be able to afford EVERYTHING we post here, but a girl can dream can’t she?  The holidays ARE coming up, aren’t they?  Miracles can happen CAN’T THEY??!

  1. Sundance, Twig Bracelet
  2. Sundance, Twists and Turns Turquoise Ring
  3. Sundance, E Pluribus Bracelet
  4. Sundance, Contessa Bracelet
  5. Crows Nest Trading Co, Iona Earrings
  6. Sundance, Modernity Disk Ring
  7. Sundance, Personalized Vintage Double Tag Bracelet
  8. Pandora, Match Silver Rope Ring
  9. King Ranch Saddle Shop, Turquoise Oval & Cross Earrings
  10. Sundance, Artemis Bracelet
  11. Anthropologie, Sparkle & Dazzle Cuff