My First Library

On a whim, while I was browsing Barnes & Noble* a few weeks back, I ran across these Sesame Street board books as a set called My First Library.  They were a HIT at my household.  Somebody who will remain nameless ran around our house yelling COOKIE! COOKIE! EGGO! OSSER!  So the other day I was in B&N again and as I was walking out I saw they had a whole crapload of these My First Library sets in all sorts of themes.  And guess who is kicking herself for not buying the Toy Story one.  Stupid Stupid Stupid.

  1., Sesame Street My First Library
  2. Amazon, Disney Pixar My First Library
  3., Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Library
  4., Disney Princesses My First Library

*I couldn’t find these on B&N’s website but I found identical ones on these other sites listed above.  B&N stores had a buttload of them though…