Pillows Gone Wild

I’m a sucker for a decorative pillow.  In my son’s nursery on his glider we keep a monkey pillow.  Not that I would change out the monkey pillow, but I just thought I’d check to see what all is out there these days.  DUDE, these are the CUTEST!  I’m trying to decide which is my favorite but I’m guessing Der’s is gonna be the weiner dog.

  1. Lineacarta’s Etsy Shop, Ladybug Pillow
  2. Design Public, Thomas Paul Goldfish Linen Pillow-Mandarin
  3. jaya loves tekeko, owlie & hedgehog
  4. Modern Nursery, KLT Works Ollie the Owl Pillow
  5. Egg Press, Clauss
  6. Modern Nursery, notNeutral Transport Throw Pillows
  7. Boodalee, Trees Pillow
  8. Marathon1981 Etsy Shop, Pair of Prairie Dog Plush Pillows in Golden Yellow
  9. The Land of Nod, Sleepin’ Safari Throw Pillow
  10. Design Public, Fauna Terrier & Fauna Dachshund

Modern Quilts! Who Knew?!

When you think about quilts, you probably think patchwork stuff and a bunch of old ladies sitting around a table.  Quilts aren’t just for the geriatrics, people!  These quilts will keep you warm and toasty just like the ones you think of when you hear the word quilt but also keep you stylin’–and we know that’s the most important thing. Right?

  1. Amy Butler , Thea’s Puzzle Quilt
  2. Fawn & Forest, got me in stitches penthouse modern quilt
  3. The Silly Boodilly Etsy Shop, Modern Improvised Studio Art Quilt-Spring Quilt
  4. Modern Nursery, Super Natural Baby Daisy Quilt
  5. Sewing Geek Etsy Shop, Red Letter Day Quilt in Orange
  6. All the Numbers Etsy Shop, Forest Friends baby or toddler quilt, Branches and Owls, with applique and patchwork
  7. Alison in London Etsy Shop, Colour blocked mini quilt