It’s a Hootenanny!

So I think you are catching on to my owl obsession.  It began with my son’s nursery and it just seemed to take off from there.  I just see owls EVERYWHERE!  Hoo you lookin’ at foo?!  That’s right, I said it!


  1. Anthropologie, Owling Sake Pot
  2. Cocoa & Milkweed’s Etsy Shop, Woodsy the Owl bib
  3. Urban Outfitters, Recycled Tin Owl
  4. Napa Style, Watchful Wooden Owl
  5. Fruitfly Pie’s Etsy Shop, Ceramic Owl Piggy Bank Vintage Design-Orange
  6. Anthropologie, Wide-Eyed Dishtowel-Aqua
  7. Sundance Catalog, Wisdom Necklace
  8. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Peyton Owl Pendant

5 Outdoor Lights that May or May Not Allow You to See Outside But Sure Are Pretty

If the weather where I lived could actually let me leave these items outside without immediate or prolonged destruction from the elements, I would SO order these now.

ak-outdoor lighting

  1. Viva Terra, Misprint Lanterns
  2. Napa Style, Big Bottle Wine Hurricanes
  3. Napa Style, Sugar Molds-Rustic
  4. Napa Style, Vintage Railroad Lantern
  5. Viva Terra, Misprint Hanging Lanterns