Etsy Spotlight: ShopTipsy

Sooooo we weren’t really planning on doing this sort of thing, but we had many many requests via The Working Closet Flickr Pool.  So we thought what the heck. Why not.  The original idea came from the want for J. Crew ruffleness or flowers and life getting in the way.  So we thought, why couldn’t we make something like that?  We’re crafty!  And then the CrafTEE was born and a tutorial was requested.  After the tutorial, some people asked for an Etsy shop because they weren’t crafty.  And so ShopTipsy was born in the hopes of making the world a better place, one ruffle and one flower at a time.

So today is your lucky day, today we are giving away one Ruffle Tee from our shop!!


How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post.  Because we are a Tipsy crew:

“What t-shirt will you never get rid of and why?”

The Rules

One entry per person. No entries after 12:00 am Central Time Wednesday.  Winners will be randomly selected from among entrants. Winners will be announced at 9:00 am Central Time Wednesday.


  1. I hate to say it but it has to be my Baylor tee. My sister got it for me when she was going to school there ten years ago. It’s now nice and thin with worn holes on the neckline and some small mud stains on the back but I just love it even though I refuse to wear it in public anymore.

  2. I got several plain t-shirts from Madewell of a few years ago. While the colored ones have been retired after excessive wear, the grey one only gets better with age. It’s soft and a little too big in a weirdly flattering way. It’s perfect with a cardigan, jeans and flats.

  3. my dad gave me a red tshirt he bought with the name of my nursery school on it. by the time I started wearing it, it was old and soft and completely, utterly worn in – the way they sell them now to look fake vintage. I don’t wear it much anymore because I’m afraid of ruining it, but I can’t ever get rid of it.

  4. Well …actually I am wearing it right now. It is my teal Fort Bend County youth Rodeo Association T-shirt I got when I entered the Rodeo about 17 years ago. It is very worn- in and you can barely make out the barrel racer on the front, however the back still rocks all the events I was entered in. Pretty cool keepsake. 🙂

  5. My favorite tshirt is my black longwaisted one I got at Kohl’s on sale for 5.00. It fits me perfect (probably why it was on sale, no one else could wear it) I take extra special care of this tshirt, I’m so afraid I’ll never find another one like it!

  6. Well that’s a tough choice, but probably either one of the two t-shirts I still have from my trip to Germany in high school. One is army green with Hofbrauhaus in gold lettering that barely shows and it’s so soft and vintagey (is that a word?) that I still wear it. The other is a pretty ugly Hard Rock Berlin t-shirt I bought with an image of the wall coming down (we went RIGHT after the wall came down) and all the friends I was with signed it. I don’t wear it, but its sentimental.

  7. Silly enough, a t-shirt my husband gave me when we had just started dating. A t-shirt HE got when he was just four, before I was even boring. It’s the softest shirt imaginable.

  8. Definitely my Kiss Me, I’m a Duck t-shirt. I wear it once a year, on Civil War and it is good luck.

  9. I have a basic black, 3/4 length sleeve T that I bought at the Gap a million years ago. It still fits like a charm and barely looks aged at all. I will never get rid of it. Soft and cozy!

  10. Mine is a college tee. Long sleeved, grey, TEXAS, big across the front. I keep it becasue it provides a little college nostalgia and a lotta love for my horns, It is nice and soft and doubles as a nightgown it is so big. Might go change into it now. 🙂

  11. i am such a nerd– i will never get rid of my star wars tee! it was a gift, and i loved it so much i hardly wore it because i didnt want to wear it out. but i wore it to the phantom menace prequel!

  12. I have this AC/DC shirt I got when I was 13. At that time it wasn’t so easy to find any of their tees in womens sizes since it was before the resurgence of popularity they’ve had in the past few years, so I had to look all over for it and I was so excited when I finally found it.

  13. I will never get rid of my mom’s vintage Charlie’s Angels T-shirt. This was a hand me down and it’s just too fabulous to give away. It doesn’t REALLY even fit any more…but I don’t care, it’s a piece of my moms past!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  14. I would get rid of a t-shirt i received that I use as a pjama shirt but the problem is it’s see through ! I also dislike how it’s a ploy / cotton blend mix which makes it more hot . But you gave me an idea , I might do something crafty with it ! Thanks 🙂

  15. also I wanted to know if this giveaway is open worldwide ? Thnx

  16. My parents and grandpa owned a bar/restaurant/hotel when I was young and I have one of the t-shirts they used to sell. It has my maiden name on it (because it was called Powser’s Lost Creek Lodge) and I have so many memories from being there when I was young. I love it!

  17. I have a t-shirt that my daughter bought me years ago-its says “World’s Best Mom”-which I have kept over the years

  18. My favorite is my pink long-sleeve hooded yoga t-shirt. It’s soft and comfy and I’ll keep it around until all that’s left are shreds.

  19. My favorite shirt is a bob dylan t-shirt, it’s white and pretty worn out.

  20. Oh, that one is easy. I have a tee that I bought at my first Tyler Hilton show. It is one of the most comfortable shirts ever, it has an awesome silhouette of Tyler, and it doesn’t hurt that his signed it for me. 😀

  21. The one t-shirt I’ll never get rid of is the t-shirt my sister made me for Christmas one year. It is beautiful white cotton with a picture of the two of us all glammed up printed on the front!

  22. There’s a cute shirt my sissy got me tht I’d never throw says ‘princess’ : )

  23. I really like my black nylon hoodie that my aunt gave me 10 years ago and I still wear it 🙂

  24. ooh, I hope this contest is open for worldwide.
    I think it’s probably my black tee with a mickey mouse print on it. The fabric is soft and thin (but not too thin) so it’s so comfy to wear day in and day out. I love it.

  25. The t-shirt I got on our honeymoon in Jamaica – almost 13 years ago! It’s so 90’s looking…I would never wear it, but I cannot part with it.

  26. I have a tie-dye t-shirt that I made in 6th grade. I’m 30 years old and still wear it. It’s been washed so many times it feels like silk. I LOVE it!

  27. The t-shirt I could never get rid of would have to be a green m&m t-shirt my husband bought me as it was a very funny and thoughtful gift from him!

  28. I will never get rid of my shade gray t shirt, because it’s just perfect, it has the perfect lenght, every other t shirt i’ve bought seems too short for me, barely covering below my tummy which i hate because i have to use layering shirts so that when i sit my butt doesn’t show, and, i don’t even have a big butt lol. This t shirt is perfect in lenght and i just love it because of that, and it’s gray, for some reason i LOVE a t shirt in gray!