What? Jewelry at Old Navy??

In my Black Friday shenanigans, I happened upon a little department of Old Navy that I had never seen before and it was FABULOUS and CHEAP! Apparently Old Navy is now in the jewelry biz and boy am I thankful for it! Here is some of their holiday bling:

der-old navy jewels

  1. Old Navy, Womens Gumball Bead Waterfall Necklaces
  2. Old Navy, Womens Faux Pearl and Chain Necklaces
  3. Old Navy, Womens Berry Stone Necklace
  4. Old Navy, Womens Multi Bead Chain Necklace
  5. Old Navy, Womens Bubble Pearl Necklace


  1. Did you happen to purchase any of these baubles during your shenanigans? I’m partial to the turquoise one myself..

    • @ak No. Sadly, there were so many cute choices and I couldn’t decided in the nano second that I had to devote to non Black Friday deals.