In with the Oversized

I have ALWAYS been a person who prefers their clothing on the looser side.  My husband CAN NOT stand this about me… he would like for me to wear a bandage dress around the house all day every day. That is just not me. Right now I am really digging the trend of the oversized tee! It fits right into my comfort zone and allows me to stay right on trend at the same time. Here are a few that I think would look pretty good hanging in my closet.


Target, Short Sleeved Tee with Sheer Front
Old Navy, Pocket Crewneck Tee
Forever 21, Oversized Striped Tee
Gap, Luxe Jersey Baseball Tee
Forever 21, Colorblocked Dolman Top
LOFT, Star Jacquard Wedge Tee Blouse

3-fer Drugstore Product Review

I am a diehard drugstore cosmetic girl.  It’s not that I don’t like department store lines, I do purchase certain things like foundation and powder there; however, when it comes to eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc–I love me some Loreal, Revlon, and various other drugstore brands.  Plus I really dig the prices, considering they are at least half of what you can expect to pay at a department store.

So….during my recent trip to CVS, there were huge displays of all the brand’s new products and I picked up three to give them a try.  I LOVE THEM ALL, so need to tell you about them.

  1. Nuance Salma Hayek Lasting Wear Gel Eyeliner ($9.99)-  I can’t say enough good things about this eyeliner.  I was very surprised and pleased.  I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for a good one, because one of the most important things to me is the ease of application.  For me, the harder it is to apply, means the worse my eyeliner ends up looking.  I sometimes end up looking like a 3 year old who has drawn connect the dots with my eye lids.  So I was thrilled to see that this gel pencil glides on.  Great for a clean, subtle lining, but also works really well when smudged for a bolder look.  Another benefit is it’s lasting power.  Granted I wore this over the weekend (for whatever reason, make up doesn’t stay on as long or seems to wear faster at work), but it really seemed to stay on and not end up on my eye lids, corner of my eyes, or the always lovely black under eye look.
  2. Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow (7.99) – This was my favorite of the three.  This shadow comes packed tightly in a small little pot and even has a cap within a cap that keeps this half loose/half packed shadow compressed.  The coverage is great on this, as it totally exceeded my expectation of all day eye shadow.  I got the Hourglass beige, as I have been on a nude/neutral kick lately, but I plan on going back for more colors since I liked it so much.
  3. REVLON Photoready Color Correcting Primer  ($12.99) – this stuff is perfect for my combination (pizza face) skin that sometimes leaves my face looking blotchy, red and uneven.  I put this on after my moisturizer and before my foundation.  It evens out my skin tone and creates a smooth canvas to apply foundation on.  Its not greasy, but its not too dry either.  Perfect.  I’ll definitely continue to use this.

There you have it.  Another thing that wasn’t new that I picked up during my trip was ol’ faithful Loreal Telescopic Mascara.  I’ll try other mascara, but I always come running back to this.

Target on Top of Their Game

I can never go into Target without browsing their clothing section. Through my recent perusing, this is what I laid my eyes on and I am oh too smitten!

  1. Target, Sleeveless Top with Looped Ruffles
  2. Target, Slub Scoop Neck Dress
  3. Target, Iris Woven Top
  4. Target, Converse One Star Maggie Abstract Print Top
  5. Target, Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie
  6. Target, Tab Sleeve Cardigan

My Inner Jersey Girl

I like the show Jerseylicious. I’m not going to hang my head in shame over it. It’s about hair and make-up and it’s ridiculously dressed ladies and their drama. I watch it, shamlessly. They love an animal print on that show. And while I don’t plaster my walls with cheetah print murals, it really is growing on me in a way I never knew it could. Look at these cute, cute things that are oh so cheetah, but only maybe a small percent Jersey.

  1. Forever 21, Blouson Leopard Top
  2. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print T Back Top
  3. Forever 21, Leopard and Zipper Top
  4. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print Chiffon Tank
  5. Forever 21, Leopard Criss Cross Top
  6. Forever 21, Burn Out Leopard Print Tee

Fake Bronzed Goddess

I am embarrassed to say that my baby was born several shades tanner than me. Living with two Italian skin toned men has a girl feeling a wee bit pasty. And since my days of fake n’ baking are done, I found myself venturing down the aisles of self tanner saying enie, meanie, minie, mo and picking the one that smelled the least like ass. I picked a winner and I would like to share it with you today. I have been using it for over a week and I am neither pasty nor orange. WIN!

Amazon, Coppertone Gradual Tan

My Inner Egyptian

Hellllo there. It’s been a while, so I thought I would ease my way back into things with one FABULOUS piece of jewelry. It’s basically a steal at $7 and would go with just about anyone’s summer wardrobe. Check out this arm candy, folks.

Forever 21, Egyptian Spiral Bracelet

Shorty Love: Stripes

We are ablazin hot in these parts, so I need to show a little or a lotta leg  in Texas this time of year. These are on the tad bit teeny weenie side of shorts for me, but  A-DOR-ABLE. I have no idea what kind of striped flavored crack these advertising execs have put out there, but I’m smoking it. That’s for sure. It’s an addiction.  And for $13.50 I think I can make the investment.

Striped Shorts

Dream Team: Loreal Style

A little bit ago, Melis introduced us to this little pot of magic.  I will say, it works great.  I thought it couldn’t get any better until I found this Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle.

It’s give the smoothest, weightless finish that  I have ever had with any primer/foundation combo.  A couple of drawbacks:

  1. The pot.  I hate swiping my fingers in a pot, getting the dirty, etc.
  2. It’s so light, it needs reapplication if you have evening plans.

All of this considered it’s definitely worth the 11 dollar drugstore investment and is the perfect pair with Melis’ previous primer.

9 Tops for $9 (or less)

We all have a need for some somewhat “disposable” casualwear from time to time. These are the kind of cute updates to your daily outfits that are great for only making it through one season (or through one jar of babyfood carrots) and for $9 (or less) who can complain.

  1. Empire Slub Cotton Top
  2. Knit Peasant Top
  3. Ruffled Shirred Edge Tank
  4. Tab Bottom Henley
  5. Crochet Back Tank
  6. Scoop Neck Babydoll Tank
  7. Puffed Sleeved Knit Top
  8. Eyelet Trim Belted Top
  9. Drop Waist Jersey Top

$50 Fridays: La Mexicana

I like Mexican themed clothing.  The tiered skirts and puffed blouses really are timeless pieces that I will always keep in my wardrobe no matter how many times I see not to on What Not to Wear. Here is a cutie that I picked up for $10!

  1. Walmart, Mexican Blouse
  2. Forever21, Shimmering Beaded Earrings
  3. Target, Flat Thong Sandal
  4. Walmart, Cuffed Bermuda Shorts