And Then There was Light…

I love lamps…plain, simple, it’s love…

  1. Pottery Barn, Brookshire Ceremic Table Lamp
  2. Restoration Hardware, Crystal Pier Lamp
  3. Pottery Barn, Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp
  4. Pottery Barn, Hayes Task Table Lamp
  5. Anthropologie, Curiouser Lamp
  6. Pottery Barn, James Glass Kerosene Lamp
  7. Pottery Barn, Fairview Table Lamp
  8. Anthropologie, String-of-Pearls Lamp

Now, if only they weren’t so dang expensive!


  1. Of course I love #2. Why do you dangle the Rest.Hard. carrot, lady? Argh! I bought towels there during their white sale, thinking I scored a deal. Then I went to Pottery Barn’s white sale and got more towels for way less money. I felt so foolish for returning the towels to RH. They asked why and I said I found a better sale. The sales lady was all “But are they 800 thread count towels?” Ummmmm, no….sheesh!

  2. I KNOW! Love, love Restoration hardware, but the prices KILL ME! (I will shamefully admit that I forked over a lot of cash for some of their bedding.) However, I was in the same boat with the recent white sale…I opted for PB towels too!

  3. Anthropologie’s housewares are so underrated! Love!