Comfy Cozy

I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job that I love AND I get to work from home! Working from home means, I rarely wear makeup (unless I have a lunch date w/ one of my fabulous Tipsy gals or co-workers) and I rarely wear anything other than lounge wear.

Luckily, me being preggo has not effected this part of my wardrobe because I can still wear ALL of my pre-pregnancy faves (at least as far as the pants go)! Here are some of the staples of my “working from home” wardrobe:

  1. Athleta, Breathe Pant (These come in long sizes so I don’t have to rock “capri” pants when it’s 30 degrees outside.)
  2. Target, Liz Lange Maternity Straight Leg Lounge Pants (Hands down, most comfortable pants EVER.)
  3. Target, Mossimo Plus-size Short Sleeve Basic Tee (I accidentally bought this shirt thinking it was maternity wear, but it turned out to be super-cute. Even if you’re not preggo, just buy the tee in a size smaller than your typical tee. It’s the perfect “slouchy stylish” tee. OH and it’s really long so it will cover your butt when you’re wearing yoga pants!)
  4. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Slippers (Best slippers EVER.)

To Spend or NOT to Spend

THAT is the question. I don’t have any curtains hanging in my house, but I would like to start slowly dressing my windows. First up, my office!

I want long, chocolate curtains, but my dilemma is: do I spend the extra $$$ to get good quality curtains or do I get the cheapo’s? What have you done in your house?

Holiday Gift Guides: Under $50

Most of us are on a strict holiday budget, with a LOT of people to buy for, but being on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on great gifts! Here are a few things I’ve found that people in my life may or may not be receiving:

  1. Sundance, Garnet Showcase Earrings
  2. Amazon, Collegiate Deluxe Chair
  3. Anthropologie, Tortoise Necker
  4. Pottery Barn, Quilted Velvet Cosmetic Bags
  5. Bombat Washer Co., Collegiate Washer Set
  6. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Throw
  7. Pottery Barn, McKenna Travel Folio
  8. Etsy, Double Ruffle Scarf in Jersey Fabric

Loving on Linen

I don’t know what it is, but it seems that everything I fall in love with these days is made of linen…I’m actually so in love with it, that the bedding for my crib is linen too!

  1. Etsy, Linen Poppy
  2. Etsy, Naomi Collection
  3. Restoration Hardware, Vintage French Linen Pillow Covers
  4. Etsy, Natural Linen Ring Sling With Pocket
  5. Restoration Hardware, Vintage-Washed Belgian Linen Bedding

Stocking Stuffers ala RH

Restoration Hardware is one of my go to stores. Although pricey, the quality of their products is AMAZING. I also love this store around Christmas time because they manage to stock their shelves with random-ass stuff that make fabulous stocking stuffers. Here are some of my faves this season:

  1. Disposable Flask
  2. Marshmallow Roasters
  3. Handyman in your Pocket
  4. Golf Ball Personalizer
  5. Cell Phone Charging Platform
  6. Pocket IQ Cards
  7. Great Lines from Great Movies Cards

And Then There was Light…

I love lamps…plain, simple, it’s love…

  1. Pottery Barn, Brookshire Ceremic Table Lamp
  2. Restoration Hardware, Crystal Pier Lamp
  3. Pottery Barn, Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp
  4. Pottery Barn, Hayes Task Table Lamp
  5. Anthropologie, Curiouser Lamp
  6. Pottery Barn, James Glass Kerosene Lamp
  7. Pottery Barn, Fairview Table Lamp
  8. Anthropologie, String-of-Pearls Lamp

Now, if only they weren’t so dang expensive!

Tour de Casa: Sarah

I love my house. Like everyone’s humble abode, it’s still a work in progress, but these are some of the things I love the most!

  1. Dining Room: Specific things I love in here include the giant colorful urn in the corner, the cowhide rug, and the recently re-covered leather chairs.
  2. Occasional Table: I found this table at a garage sale for $5! (And if you’re curious why I have these dogs hanging on my wall, this was a grand champion lab and he was a litter-mate to my first dog ever, Pearl. These pictures were hand me downs from my parents, but I absolutely love them.)
  3. Kitchen: I bought this sign from the previous home owners…it really fit my style and thought it was a neat addition to the house.
  4. Master Bedroom: (Where the magic happens…haha) No really, this is the new bedding I just got from Restoration Hardware, what do you think?
  5. Living Room: Doesn’t every home need a cute, patterned, chair? I think it adds a little something extra…
  6. Side Table: This is a recent find of mine. It’s a metal end table with a black lacquer top. When my husband came home after I had bought this table it was sitting in the garage and he said, “Wow, thanks! That’s going to make a great addition to my workshop.” REALLY? he was quickly informed that this side table had style and was too cute to be found in a garage…
  7. Study: Things to note in this room include my solid wood, very large, desk that was purchased at Target and my antique piano, which originally belonged to my great grandmother…what can I say, I love vintage/rustic EVERYTHING!
  8. Patio Chairs: I have these chairs in all colors; turquoise, red, yellow, and green…they add a vintage feel to the patio, but what makes them even better is that I bought them at H-E-B! (That’s a grocery store to people who don’t live in Texas.)
  9. BBQ Pit: What every home needs is not 1, but 2 BBQ pits in their backyard. (Look closely at the picture, you’ll see the second one covered up in the background.) I don’t understand the logic…I mean, I guess the second one is a back-up in case the first one explodes or walks away??? Whatever the reason, my hubby built this sucker with his own two hands (and a welding torch)…I have me a talented one ladies! (And I will never go hungry…)

Very Merry White Christmas!

For those of you who live anywhere near Central Texas, you probably experienced near blizzard conditions on Christmas Eve and a perfectly white Christmas Day, as did we! It was my first white Christmas EVER, and one that I’ll never forget. Here are a few of the goodies my husband and I picked up along the way…

sk-presents procured

  1. Lb Brewing Company Beer and T-Shirt: My mom got this for my husband and I thought it was a GREAT idea. She is from Kansas and stumbled upon this brewery on one of her excursions. His gift included this t-shirt and a gallon of their honey wheat beer…soooo good!
  2. TomTom Navigation System, Amazon: So, I guess my husband thinks I get lost a lot…?
  3. Restoration Hardware Gift Card: I LOVE this store!
  4. Vera Wang Perfume, Amazon: One smell and you’ll fall in love…
  5. Leupold Rifle Scope, This was my present to my husband, with help from my Dad, and he was excited/impressed!
  6. Chartreuse Fiestaware, I collect Fiestaware dishes and when I receive a hard to find, retired, color, it makes me smile.
  7. Old World Christmas Ornaments, I also collect Old World Christmas ornaments and my Mom ALWAYS comes through with getting me new and interesting ornaments…I couldn’t believe she found an Old World sushi roll!!!
  8. LG Front-load Washer and Dryer, Sears: So, Santa may have come a couple weeks early with this one,  but that doesn’t mean my husband didn’t remind me a bagillion times what he got me for Christmas…

I hope everyone had Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

Christmas List: Der Edition

So you all saw AK’s list of fabulousness. Now it’s my turn.

(Pssst…Husband PLEASE pay careful attention to what is to follow)

der-xmas wishlist

  1. Victoria’s Secret, The Soft Sexy Wrap -I love the fact that this is like an upgraded t-shirt/cardigan combo. That is My FAVORITE combo and pretty much daily uniform, by the way.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D5000– I would love this camera more than any of my family members, including my dogs. Ook,  not them. But everyone else. If I hadn’t already proven myself to be an expensive camera breaker, I MIGHT actually be eligible for this gift.
  3. Restoration Hardware, Telescoping Frames– Being that I just got married 10ish months ago, we have more pictures than we know what to do with. These are so unique and different.
  4. Macys, Fiesta Canisters– I ADORE the green. These would look so cute in my colorful kitchen.
  5. Etsy, dearestinez Large Leaf Earrings -UM so cute, so fun, so funky. I just may be gifting these to myself for Christmas.
  6. Old Navy, Womens Cable Knit Slipper Boots– My toesies would be so toasty in these. I’ve seen a version of these everywhere and I have been coveting.
  7. Urban Outfitters, Dachshund Lamp– Do I even need to go into why I would want/need this? No, I didn’t think so.
  8. Ann Taylor LOFT, Refined Knit Ruffle Neck Dress– Because I NEED more ruffles in my life. NO, I don’t have anywhere to wear it! SO??
  9. Mac Cosmetics, Tinted Lipglass in Spite -This was the first lipglass that I ever owned and I think I need to bring it back into my life Christmas 2009. It’s a mauvy pink and perfection.
  10. Pier1, Assorted Doorknob Wall Hooks– I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while now. What a super cute way to hang your coat or whatevs.
  11. Macys, Joseph Joseph Multi Color Spatula Design Cutting Board– Cute, colorful and belongs in mah kitchen!
  12. Gap, Mesh Chain Necklace– I want this for two reasons: a) it’s a subtle way to do the whole sequin trend going on and b) I’ve already planned my New Years outfit and it won’t be complete without it.
  13. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Charo’ Slingback Sandal– Ruffles, love. Red, Love. Perfect HOT date with the hubby shoe. Nuff said.
  14. bossa, Shiraleah Jennifer Large Tote Bag– This brand is pretty sweet…looks remarkably similar to HOBO International for a fraction of the cost, plus this blue color is totally rocking my world.
  15. ZenniOptical, 2344 Plastic Full-Rim Frame– HOT pink frames? Must.have.

Oh, I almost forgot… while I’m wishing… I’ll take an endless supply of these.

der-xmas wishlist2

Wrap Me Up Like A Mummy

Two years ago I bought one of these blankets for my grandma for Christmas and then two days later I went back and bought one for myself. Don’t judge.

Warning:  This blanket may or may not induce a sleep coma.  I keep it on my couch for my Glee marathons, among other marathons (ie Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, HGTV) for keeping me snug as a bug in a rug errr couch?  Anyway, this blanket is so soft and delicious I can’t even describe it!  Just trust me, it’s amazing.

You guys, its on sale…Holidays coming…do it, you won’t regret it.