Tour de Casa: Sarah

I love my house. Like everyone’s humble abode, it’s still a work in progress, but these are some of the things I love the most!

  1. Dining Room: Specific things I love in here include the giant colorful urn in the corner, the cowhide rug, and the recently re-covered leather chairs.
  2. Occasional Table: I found this table at a garage sale for $5! (And if you’re curious why I have these dogs hanging on my wall, this was a grand champion lab and he was a litter-mate to my first dog ever, Pearl. These pictures were hand me downs from my parents, but I absolutely love them.)
  3. Kitchen: I bought this sign from the previous home owners…it really fit my style and thought it was a neat addition to the house.
  4. Master Bedroom: (Where the magic happens…haha) No really, this is the new bedding I just got from Restoration Hardware, what do you think?
  5. Living Room: Doesn’t every home need a cute, patterned, chair? I think it adds a little something extra…
  6. Side Table: This is a recent find of mine. It’s a metal end table with a black lacquer top. When my husband came home after I had bought this table it was sitting in the garage and he said, “Wow, thanks! That’s going to make a great addition to my workshop.” REALLY? he was quickly informed that this side table had style and was too cute to be found in a garage…
  7. Study: Things to note in this room include my solid wood, very large, desk that was purchased at Target and my antique piano, which originally belonged to my great grandmother…what can I say, I love vintage/rustic EVERYTHING!
  8. Patio Chairs: I have these chairs in all colors; turquoise, red, yellow, and green…they add a vintage feel to the patio, but what makes them even better is that I bought them at H-E-B! (That’s a grocery store to people who don’t live in Texas.)
  9. BBQ Pit: What every home needs is not 1, but 2 BBQ pits in their backyard. (Look closely at the picture, you’ll see the second one covered up in the background.) I don’t understand the logic…I mean, I guess the second one is a back-up in case the first one explodes or walks away??? Whatever the reason, my hubby built this sucker with his own two hands (and a welding torch)…I have me a talented one ladies! (And I will never go hungry…)


  1. Great post, love your house 🙂

  2. @Rachael: Thanks!