I <3 SusyJack*

Court is back again with my latest obsession.  Why don’t we use more clothes pins?  I was just pondering that idea the other day when I stumbled upon this site.   This site carries modern, simple pattern office and paper good.  I am loooovin on it.  Call me McLovin??

Most, if not all of the products found at  SusyJack*  come in in 3, 6, or even 9 patterns or colors which is just plain neat!  Not only are their throwbacks bad-to-the-ass, their calendars and common office goods are super eye catching.

  1. Arrow Clips
  2. Wall Calendars
  3. Organizer Magnets
  4. Notebook
  5. Cartlettes
  6. Pencil Cups


  1. If you like that, you’ll also enjoy http://www.seejanework.com

  2. @Haley, thanks for the site. Love it, browsed alot this AM!