Holiday Gift Guides: Co-Workers

I’m always at a loss for what to get my co-workers. I mean, you usually see these people more than you see your own family, so you want them to know you care, but you don’t want to break the bank. I mean, even if you don’t like your co-workers you might consider a little something…hey…a little Holiday sucking up never hurt anyone!

  1., Executive Nickel Plated Card Holder
  2. Bath & Body Works, Bamboo Candle
  3. Starbucks Gift Card
  4. Etsy, Red Swirly Slash Wallet
  5. Etsy, 2011 Desktop Calendar
  6. Etsy, Personalized Note Pads

Custom Note Pads

For Christmas a couple years ago, AK gave all us Tipsy Gals a customized set of notepads, which I think was a GREAT gift idea! Here are some of the customized notepads that I found and they are all are super-cute…how is a girl to choose?

  1. Dandelion Notepad and Note Card Stationery Set
  2. Personalized Note Pad – Oriental Design
  3. Skully Skull Personalized Monogrammed Set of 2 Notepads
  4. Bicycle Built for 2 Personalized Notepads – Set of 2
  5. Notepad and Note Cards- Custom Monogram
  6. Family Magnet Mates – Personalized Notepads w Acrylic Holder

Post it Up

I use post it notes on a daily basis for everything from phone messages, to work notes, to honey-do lists, and since I’m running low on my plain white post it’s, I ran across these cuties on my hunt for something sassier!

  1. Etsy, London Eye Ice Cream Poloraoid
  2. Etsy, Band Memo Post-it
  3. Etsy, Egg Toast Memo Post-It
  4. Pretty Impress, Watermelon Shape Memo Scratch Pad

Back to School Organizing

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but school is right around the corner for all you moms and teachers out there. (I mean, am I not the only person that thinks summer is FLYING by!?!?!?)

On a recent stroll through the school supply isle in Target, I found these cute essentials to start getting the adults ready and organized for the start of yet another school year.

  1. Thanks! 3-tier Caddy
  2. Oh Joy! File Collection
  3. Here Today Notebook
  4. Note-it Style Combo Station
  5. Mood Alert Message Pads
  6. Note-it Style 16″ Dry Erase/Cork Board

Children’s Art Project

The Children’s Art Project is a non-profit organization that M.D. Anderson Cancer Center put together in order to benefit children’s cancer research. I truely believe in this cause and the things they sell are super-cute because the kids actually draw all of the images used on all the products. I’m especially in LOVE with all the stationary…you should check it out and help the kids out at the same time!

  1. Bluebonnet Field
  2. Three Blooms
  3. Flower Power Note Card
  4. Spring Tulips Note Card
  5. Hearts and Stripes Note Card
  6. Swirls Note Card

I <3 SusyJack*

Court is back again with my latest obsession.  Why don’t we use more clothes pins?  I was just pondering that idea the other day when I stumbled upon this site.   This site carries modern, simple pattern office and paper good.  I am loooovin on it.  Call me McLovin??

Most, if not all of the products found at  SusyJack*  come in in 3, 6, or even 9 patterns or colors which is just plain neat!  Not only are their throwbacks bad-to-the-ass, their calendars and common office goods are super eye catching.

  1. Arrow Clips
  2. Wall Calendars
  3. Organizer Magnets
  4. Notebook
  5. Cartlettes
  6. Pencil Cups

I Just Wrote To Say I Love You

American penmanship is becoming extinct, so I think its so nice to either get or give a handwritten card every now and again.  These little keepsakes are adorable:

  1. Congratulations  Flower Card by Artecnica
  2. Happy Birthday Flower Card by Artecnica
  3. Bravo Cartolina Cards
  4. Salatiga Note Cards
  5. Bird Letter Press Cards
  6. Thank You Seed Cards – instead of throwing the card away, you plant it and watch it grow!  Too cool.
  7. Twin Kittens Letterpress Postcard
  8. Set of 8 Emergency Cards

Post It Post

I do not have the best memory in the world and it seems to be getting worse by the day these days, so I rely on some little post-its to get me through my day. I like to make sure they have a little sass or flair too!

  1. Amazon, I Dreamed My Whole Desk Was Clean Sticky Notes
  2. Amazon, Russell + Hazel Chicklet Adhesive Notes
  3. Etsy, Gorgeous Sticky Notes
  4. Amazon, Post Its Flower Shaped
  5. Amazon, Talking Bubble Sticky Notes
  6. Etsy, Sticky Notes Poofy Flowers
  7. Etsy, Its All In Your Head Sticky Notes

Etsy Spotlight: Persnickety Pelican

Today’s Etsy Spotlight is Persnickety Pelican.  They have adorable items that involve such Tipsy loves as wiener dogs, owls, chihuahuas and more.  We have worked with this mother/daughter team on Der’s surprise party and can’t tell you enough nice things about them.  Great to work with on custom stuff!  Go check them out!

Notepads. Check. Hilariousness. Check Check.

Wonderful, fabulous notepads to keep some humor in your to do lists.  The Tipsy Girls have used the Fashion Citation notepad when we used to work together in the same office.  Hilariousness ensued I tell you.  I also have the babysitter notepad as well–LOVE IT!

  1. Pack This! Pad, Knock Knock
  2. Don’t Kill The Kids Pad, Knock Knock
  3. Fashion Citation Nifty Note, Knock Knock
  4. Shit List Pad, Knock Knock
  5. Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy Pad, Knock Knock
  6. Why I Must Get Drunk With You Pad, Knock Knock