Maxi Dresses That Won’t Max You Out

Maxi dresses are like wearing your night gown all damned day and what could be better than that, honestly. So, here is a darling selection of maxi style dresses all under… $20.00! You heard me. Now, get to shoppin!

  1. Forever21, Fab Solid Maxi Dress
  2. Walmart, Smocked Knit Maxi Dress
  3. Forever21, Floral Tropics Maxi Dress
  4. Walmart, Organic Cotton Maxi Dress
  5. Walmart, Maternity Twist Waist Maxi Dress
  6. Forever21, Maxi Tube Dress
  7. Walmart, Tiered Denim Maxi Dress
  8. Forever21, Basic Knit Maxi Dress


  1. So, question for you ladies since you’re women-in-the-know: I keep hearing that petite gals can rock the maxi and so I bought a couple last year and while I cannot dispute the comfort, I fear that I looked a.) frumpy and b.) even shorter and – gasp – possibly heavier since I opted for an empire-waisted style. Any advice? It seems obvious that fit matters but even then: can Fun Size glas work this? I’m 5’3″ 🙂

    #2 and 4 are my faves and also promising….