Boden Catalog=Crack

Is this true for everyone? Probably not.  But it is true for me, man do I love me a Boden catalog.  They draw me in with their bright colors, they string me along with their outfit color combos, they have stuff for my kid, and they now have US sizing!  So I thought I’d share what I’m currently drooling over.

  1. Boden, Textured Cotton Shift
  2. Boden, Rosette Top
  3. Boden, Embellished Jersey Vest
  4. Boden, Fun Skirt


  1. I have to toss that catalog IMMEDIATELY….except now they carry mini Boden at Nordstroms. So I just paid 34 bucks for a dinosaur t-shirt my son will wear for 4 months. Argh!

  2. I adore Boden and yes, it is like crack!

  3. @Tina I keep forgetting they sell mini Boden at Nordstroms…I bet that t-shirt is adorable 🙂 I got my son a couple of pairs of drawstring cargos from mini Boden and they are by far my fav pants on him and they lasted FOREVER. But I agree they are a little steep…

  4. @Katie a fellow boden addict!