Sweat Pants Alternative

I used to watch Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style every week until they ripped it from me like a thief in the night. Tim preached that every woman needed a sweat pants alternative. Something that feels like your PJs , but something that would be ok to be seen in at the grocery store.  I’ve been looking for a sweat pants alternative lately and I’ve found some very intriguing and non-sweat pantsy options.  What’s your sweat pants alternative?

  1. Old Navy, Slub Knit Tiered Skirt
  2. Forever21, Linen Lounge Pants
  3. Walmart, Tie Dye Dress
  4. Old Navy, Fold Over Gauchos
  5. Forever21, Draw String Linen Skirt
  6. Forever21, Relaxed Linen Pants
  7. Target, Womens Jersey Skirt
  8. Target, Double Knit Twill Skirt
  9. Old Navy, Roll Over Jersey Skirt
  10. Walmart, Side Pocket Cargo Shorts


  1. T-shirt dresses. I bought three of the same one at J.Crew last year. I wear dresses all summer here in the heat!
    Can’t wear shorts…my legs look like tree stumps.

  2. I really like #5 and #2. They are cute enough for public but still look comfortable.