10 Summer Tops for $10 Tops

It’s been a while since we went on a good ole’ fashioned bargain hunt… how about these ADORABLE finds for under $10!!

  1. Kohls, Striped Tube Halter Top
  2. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Tank
  3. Walmart, Womens Smocked Woven Top
  4. Old Navy, Ruffle Strap Tie Belt Tank
  5. Forever21, Banded Knit Dress– This says “dress”, but let’s get real.
  6. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Ruffle Tank
  7. Walmart, Flower Applique Jersey Tunic
  8. Walmart, Maternity Ruffle V Neck Tank
  9. Walmart, Womens Crochet Tank
  10. Old Navy, Womens Petal Trim Tank


  1. Lol…a Forever 21 dress is our Forever 31 top. Sooo soo true!

  2. Der, as you know I have several of the Walmart ones…but one you don’t know I have is #6–I have it in a maroon/pinkish stripe–LOVE IT–so comfy. I got it in black also.

    • AK, What you may not know is that I have it in a turq/green stripe and it fits over this prego belly:)

  3. @Danielle that just cracked me up!

  4. The “is this a dress?” conundrum often stops me from buying something at Forever 21.

    Can you ladies come with me to my local small-ish WalMart? Because I never see the cute stuff you post, but I might not be looking in the right places…